Volleyball: OBB Bounce Back To Stop KAVC

Sunday results

Serie A Men

(25:11, 25:22, 25:17)

(24:26, 25:13, 25:21, 25:15)

(19:25, 25:21, 12:25, 25:21, 15:11)

Serie A Women

(25:09, 25:22, 25:20)

KAVC were defeated 2-3 in a decisive set by the Orange Block Busters in the National Volleyball League at the old Kampala Arena on Sunday evening, a result that tossed them two points behind Sport-S.

The Orange Block Busters were dominated at different moments of the game as KAVC looked more accomplished to take the day in the exciting affair, but it was a fitting win for the Iganga outfit.

Dube Memory lost her first game of the season in as many games as KAVC Head Coach this weekend, but She was impressed by her team’s spirit to fight on to the last bit.

“I think it was an interesting game, it definitely fulfilled all the expectations that we had for the game, it is tough luck for us that we didn’t win the game, but for me, I think the boys pulled out a really good show, and they did very well. I think even the fans enjoyed and anyone who watched it would agree it was quite an intense, and tactical game,” said KAVC Coach Memory.

KAVC was surprised from a comfort zone when OBB’s Cosmas Elijah scored four points in the service, to force a two-point lead that culminated in a win for his side.

OBB kept pressing to push the game into a tiebreaker from a 2-2 all score and finally rose highest to secure a second win of the season and two points, despite a slow start.

“Tough win against KAVC who had just had a very good run, they were unbeaten so far in the league,” OBB coach Luke Eittit said.

“We knew it was going to be a tough game, we started on a low, unfortunately, we made many unforced errors at the start of the game, but we realized that we needed to step up and it was also good for the boys to have this win, given that we had lost to Nemostars in the previous match, so it was for the team’s morale.”

Moments in the game saw Luke cornered from the onset and called for a time-out after conceding six points in a row but it was too late to redeem the third set, which he lost 25 – 12.

“We realized we needed to change tactically and made some rotational changes which really helped us, and took off the service because their service was really working for them.

“Am happy for the team because despite the injuries we are having, am glad that they understand we need to play as a team, it is not a one-man sport, so they understand that at one point they will be called to play a different role and they are stepping up to that task.”

In the second set, International setter Kim was handed his first game this season in the white-orange kit and introduced himself with a smooth backset in two that was converted by Kevin Kiplagat, to upset KAVC and change the game’s momentum.

“When our reception improved, we were able to play as we had planned. So the major turning point was the morale of the boys, improvement in the reception, and we minimized on many of the errors.”

KAVC claimed an early lead more effective on the block to keep the Orange camp trailing with a faulty reception that only improved with the introduction of Brian Atuhaire in the receive attacker role.

In the Decisive set, both teams premiered a whole new episode as Elijah Cosmas once again stood out with the jump service that met KAVC Libero Emmanuel Elanyu in the right spots, prompting him to find a weaker target.

Meanwhile, Nemostars came from one set down to beat Sky VC 3-1 and boost their recovery process with a second win in a row putting them at nine points, two behind Ndejje Sharks.

Nkumba Navy is still without a win in four league matches (losing all 3-0) and had to endure a long weekend losing both fixtures to Sport-S and UCU on Saturday and Sunday respectively.

In the women’s serie A, KAVC suffered at the hands of Kampala Capital City Authority ladies as they lost in straight sets.



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