Sport-S Outshines UCU as Ndejje Scar Nkumba

Sunday, October 16

Men- Sport-S vs UCU
25 – 17, 25 – 18, 25 – 12

Women – Sport-S vs Ndejje
25-16, 25-20, 23-25, 25-18

Men – Nkumba vs Ndejje
15-25, 8-25, 20-25

Sport-S hit the ground running to destroy UCU and return to the top of the National Volleyball League table with a 3-0 win on Sunday at the Old Kampala Arena.

The blacks knocked over the score just before the doves could flee, and pressed a lead through an attacking diagonal of Thon Makar and Odong Augustine.

Opposite hitter Nespal Angiro was late to deliver his best performance for the University team, marking only seven off 14 balls, but teenager Michael Magnon got Sport-S’ winner, pounding a finish on confirmation, after three attempts in the final set.

The Nsambya outfit, aiming to lift the league title leads the table with four victories in a row, tallying 12 points same as KAVC, who beat Sky 3-0 on Saturday.

“We are only executing what we have planned. The preparation has been important to us and that’s where we perfect what we are doing now on court.” Sport-S head coach Benon Mugisha said

“We shall keep changing how we play according to our training since the teams have not pushed us enough. We expected a much stronger resistance from UCU but they gave up so early, which made it easy for us.” He added.

UCU attempted to seize an early lead through wing attacker Joseph Opus, but Thon Makar and Odong Augustine were quick to convert for the blacks, forcing a three-point gap.

UCU setter Joseph Okello unlocked the scoring with a front-court dump, to eliminate Emmanuel Okia, who started in the service, for Sport-S.

Blockers Odeke Vincent and Mark Omara were started on the bench, a decision UCU paid for with a mediocre block in the middle that offered way to a terrific Thon, who converted 90% of twelve balls at the front and back court.

In the second set, UCU once again took a three-point lead with the introduction of Odeke, who labored to bind their cracked defense, but net and technical fouls saw them return to trailing, and Sport-S breaking no sweat to win the set with a seven-point margin.

Mark Omara was brought on for UCU in the third set on the left wing but his fighting spirit was of no good to the demoralized doves.

Near the climax, Sport-S subbed on Micheal Mangon whose presence on the net was felt shortly as the blacks comfortably won with 13 points ahead.

Elsewhere, Ndejje Sharks beat Nkumba 3-0 in a one-sided affair at the Old Kampala Arena on Sunday morning, to displace Nemostars who had sneaked to the fourth position after winning against OBB on Saturday.

In the Women’s Serie A, Sport-S moved up to first, after a dominant display that saw them win 3-1 against the Ndejje Elites at the Arena in Sunday’s game.

The lady blacks could be a reflection of their men’s side, having collected three straight wins as well, since the start of the season and have lost only two sets.

They return to the fray next month on the 5th -of November-, against KCB-NKUMBA.



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