Fast5 World Series: Debutants She Cranes Learn Path

She Cranes matches

November 5
*New Zealand, 3:15am
*Jamaica, 5:30am
*England, 10am

November 6
*Australia, 2am
*South Africa, 6:30am

Uganda She Cranes will make it’s first ever appearance at the Fast5 Netball World Series in November hosted at Christchurch, New Zealand.

The annual two-day tournament incepted in 2009, will also be making its first return since 2018 when it was last hosted.

It’s competed for by the World’s top six ranked Netball Nations who tussle it out in a round robbin format.

In this case, Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica, England, South Africa and Uganda are to play each other once across the two days with 3-matches per side on first day and the remaining 2-matches on last day (Sunday) with the finals in the evening.

On Saturday 5, November, She cranes will open it’s campaign in second match of the day with host New Zealand at 3:15am East African Time.

Uganda will again come back at 5:30AM to play Jamaica before fishing the day with England at 10AM which will be 8pm in New Zealand.

On final day She Cranes will play Australia at 2:00AM before finishing the round robin at 6:30AM against South Africa to determine placement play offs and Championship match.

At 8:15AM: 5th Vs 6th.
9:00AM: 4th Vs 3rd.
9:30AM: 1st Vs 2nd (Championship Match).

Brief About Fast5 Netball.

FAST5 is a modified version of the game featuring multiple point shots, double point power plays, five players-a-side and shortened quarters.

The five playing positions each sides are Goal Shooter, Goal Attack, Center, Goal Keeper and Goal defender.

The four quarters of Netball are shortened to six minutes each from normal 15 minute, and the half time break takes three minutes only.

The usual shooting circle is circled into two lines to make it three in one shooting circle position to put power play quarter in context.

Each team has one quarter designated as “power play quarter” where goals scored by the team in this quarter receive double goal.

In this case, the first circle which is the inner circle carries two goals, the outer circle carry four and just outside circle shot carries six, depending under inside which line a shooter stands, while taking a shot.

Without power play quarter, the points remain as per circle, where the inner circle carries one, the outer circle carries two and out side the circle carries three.

The Series was first held in England from 2009-2011 and the game played was called Fast Net, which evolved into FAST5 in 2012.

New zealand’s Silver Ferns and England Roses are the only teams who have ever won this tournament.

Past Winners:
2O18 – New Zealand
2017 – England
2016 – New Zealand
2015 – (Not held)
2014 – New Zealand
2013 – New Zealand
2012 – New Zealand
2011 – England
2010 – New Zealand
2009 – New Zealand



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