A Guide to Betting on Boxing Matches  

Every successful sports bettor started somewhere. You need to understand the odds formats, the different markets in boxing, and some useful betting tips. Your selection of an online betting platform is also vital. This guide will cover the different aspects of betting on boxing.  

Types of boxing bets 

While there are many different kinds of boxing bets, the most popular betting markets are round betting, moneyline odds, total rounds, and method of victory. You must register with a sportsbook and make a deposit before you can start betting. From there, simply enter the size of the wager after checking the odds and markets. 

Boxing fans who want to make a profit need the right strategy, knowledge of the betting markets available, and information about famous boxers like Anthony Joshua, Kubrat Pulev, Floyd Mayweather, and Tyson Fury. It might also be possible to claim bonuses or take advantage of promotions depending on the online sites you use to bet. 

Choosing a betting site

When choosing a platform, look for ease of use, a large number of deposit methods, and quick withdrawals. In addition, check the laws in your state. More and more states are legalizing sports betting, but there are still some that haven’t. 

One of the most recent market entrants is the Bay State. There is now legal sports betting in Massachusetts. You can expect to see online and retail sportsbooks by the beginning of next year. 

Boxing odds 

Most sportsbooks show boxing betting lines in different formats, including fractional, decimal, and American. Odds in decimal format are simple and straightforward. Higher odds indicate an event is less likely to happen.

Popular bets

It’s important to understand these wagers before placing your first bet. The most common kind is the outright bet, where you try to guess which fighter will win the match. A split draw is possible in professional boxing matches, but most betting sites don’t allow this option because it doesn’t happen often. Most fights have a clear winner.

Round betting 

This type of betting lets you predict in which round a fight will end and how many rounds a match will have. You can also opt to choose the winning group. You won’t need to combine these prognoses on most live betting sites. 

This type of betting also allows you to guess how many points each player will have at the end of the faceoff. This bet can be safe because most fights finish in a 10-9 judge decision. 

KO and stoppage are solid wagering options that are typical of boxing and MMA. If the match ends with a stoppage or a technical knockout, you can make a big profit. 

Method of winning

Finally, bookmakers also let punters predict the method of winning. This is not a suitable wager for beginners as it comes with high risk. If you win, though, you can make a lot of money

Online sportsbooks typically ask bettors to choose the winner of a certain round when they wager on the method of winning. The possible methods are knockout, technical knockout, judge decision, disqualification, and technical decision.



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