Juventus’ worst signings: Sergio Almiron

There were many questionable transfers in the history of Juventus, especially in the 2000s. That is one of the reasons why the club could not win the Scudetto between 2003 and 2012. If you follow this club’s results, keep an eye on its football results on the sports statistics website.

Sergio Almiron moved to the ranks of the team in 2007 from Empoli in a deal worth 9 million euros.

The club’s interest in the midfielder looked strange from the very beginning. The player was already 27 years old, and he had played only for teams in mid-table in his career. It was clear that the player has outgrown the level of Empoli, but he was clearly not suitable for Juventus. By the way, it’s easy to watch the results of both football clubs on the sports statistics website.

As a result, the worst fears were justified. During the two years with the Old Lady, the player made only nine appearances. The Argentine did not produce dominant performances in those matches. Next summer, Juve have started to send him away on loan, but even there the midfielder could not revive his career.

Only in 2011, the player left the Turin side. After that, he represented Bari, Catania and Akragas, the teams that suited him much more. Juventus basically just threw 9 million euros  away as there was little use from Almiron.

The main reasons for the player’s failed performance

In 2007, the Turin bosses simply overestimated the midfielder’s strength. He was not a bad player, but he clearly could not be the main one in the team, even if it just returned from Serie B. By the way, it is easy to find out the latest football score from the world of this tournament on the verified platform. All the matches of the second most important league in Italy are covered here. 

So, highlighting the main reasons for the failure of the midfielder in Turin, it is impossible to pass by:

  1. Poor chemistry with partners. The player looked like a foreign body on the field. When he appeared in the lineup, he was not very useful.
  2. Persistent injuries. The player could not perform at his best due to injuries.
  3. Lack of confidence from the coach. Neither Didier Deschamps, nor his followers considered Almiron as a first-team squad player.

So, when the player left the club in 2011, hardly anyone regretted it. After that Juventus managed to reach a new level. Now you can follow all the latest score of football matches with its participation on the sports statistics website. Here you can find a detailed coverage of all confrontations. This will allow you to keep your hand on the pulse and not miss out on anything really important from the matches involving the Old Lady and its opponents. 



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