Ekone Wants More After Second Straight Real Star Award

Best of September
*Athletics – Jacob Kiplimo
*Cricket – Riazat Ali Shah
*Basketball – Brenda Ekone
*Football – Bruno Bunyaga

JKL Lady Dolphins small forward Brenda Ekone wants to achieve more after winning another ForteBet Real Stars Award.

Ekone was named the best Basketball player of the month of September, his second straight award having won the accolade in August as well.

She beat Tonny Drilleba (City Oilers) and Ariel Okall (Nam Blazers) to September accolade.

“I feel so happy and excited to have won this award for the second time, I have been nominated in the past months since April and I am glad, hopefully I return next month,” Ekone stated.

“I thank those who voted on Twitter and everyone who nominated me and everyone who contributed towards this great achievement.”

Ekone speaking after winning the accolade

It has been a colourful month for Ekone who has averaged 16 points in the finals series.

She had 21 in game one, 15 in game two and 12 in game three, with game four and five due Wednesday and Friday in that order.

“Basketball is a team sport, we play as a team, I have contributed and I have more to contribute come Game four and I need to step up more so on my scoring. And as a unit, we need to play good defense,” added Ekone.

“I capitalise on what I know I can do best, I train on those layups, and it’s the training that has kept me up there because I keep doing it over and over again.”

After JKL won the two opening games, many expected to be a rollercoaster ride for the two-time champions, but UCU won game three on Sunday to halve the deficit.

Ekone, speaking on the progress of the series, commented: “It’s becoming a tight series, many expected a 4-0 sweep, but things didn’t go on plan on Sunday but we are still in the lead and I am sure we have what it takes to win the Championship. We had some lapses but we are well prepared and ready to fight.”

Winners present and officials

Jacob Kiplimo was named the best athlete of the month ahead of Abel Chebet and Andrew Kwemoi.

Kiplimo won the Great North Run on September 11 in England in a time of 59:33.

Cricket Cranes all-rounder Riazat Ali Shah named the best Cricketer, edging Patricia Timong and Juma Miyagi.

He was scored the most runs (222) as Uganda won the 2022 Africa T20 Cup in South Africa, including notching 98 not out in the final against Tanzania.

Striker Bruno Bunyaga (Buddu and St Lawrence) beat Blanchar Mulamba (Gomba and St Lawrence) and Ambrose Kigozi (Sand Cranes) to the best Footballer of the month.

Bunyaga had three goals for Buddu in Masaza and as many for SLAU in University Football League in the concluded month.

The awards are sponsored by ForteBet and Jude Colour Solutions.



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