How does the English football league system work?

Being the birthplace of football, it is no wonder that England has quite a structured tournament system. Punters can make any bet Kenya – 1xBet website on any team that participates in those championships.

It is calculated that there are approximately 40 thousand football clubs registered in the country. They range from the Premier League giants to amateur teams that play in the lowest divisions. With so many squads, it is necessary to have a comprehensive system that allows them to go up and down across divisions. Many of these divisions are available for making any bet on the 1xBet Kenya website, which has the best odds in the entire market.

Hundreds of divisions

The English football pyramid refers to how the different divisions are organized. In total, there are almost 500 of them. And no, this doesn’t mean that a team from the very bottom needs half a millennium to eventually reach the Premier League. The latter is also available for betting on the online bookmaker.

It is important to establish the difference between level and division. The top levels of English football have only one division. They are:

  • the Premier League;
  • the Championship;
  • the League One;
  • the League Two;
  • and the National League.

This means that there are no parallel leagues running alongside them. As an example, there are no two separate tournaments that allow direct promotion to the Premier League. However, in lower levels there can be dozens of parallel divisions. The 1xBet online bookmaker can also be used to wager on other tournaments besides the EPL.

The lower levels

The National League is the fifth level of English football, and it is the lowest one with a single division. At the sixth level things start to diverge. There are two parallel divisions here, which are the National League North and the National League South. The winners are promoted to the National League, while the worst performing teams are performed to an even larger number of divisions. The betting platform can be used to wager on different levels of English football.

These divisions are well-structured up to the 11th level, which are collectively known as the Regional Feeder Leagues. There are 50 divisions here. If a team is relegated it will go to regional tournaments.

The positive thing is that, in theory, a team from the lowest possible division has the chance to climb all the way up to the English Premier League. This also means that a series of bad performances can lead to lots of relegations, from which it might be very difficult to recover. The 1xBet site can be used to wager on the exciting teams that English football can offer.


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