Volleyball: KAVC Target Nkumba Scalp

Sunday, October 2
*Women: Ndejje Vs KAVC
*KAVC Vs Nkumba
*Ndejje Vs UCU

After coming away with all six points in their last two games, KAVC now seeks to launch a winning streak, representing a turning point in their performance with Coach Dube Memory at the helm of the club.

Placed top of the table with a game in hand, Dube Memory’s side goes up against a fresh Nkumba team, as they come off the back of a win over Tigers last weekend.

Dube has molded her outfit into an extremely dangerous unit with a good combination of Onapa Jeff, Mugabi Isaaq (Tizo), Gabriel Yikita in attack, and the “ever young libero” Emmanuel Elanyu on court cover.

However, Nkumba has not played a game yet and did a good job upsetting the big boys last season so this could be their chance as well to announce their return into the new season.

Ndejje Sharks face UCU

And to wrap up the weekend will be a university derby between the Ndejje Sharks affiliated with Ndejje University and the UCU doves from the Uganda Christian University.

UCU doves have played more games (three) than any other club so their being in the top three is not a factor to rely on as they lock horns with the Sharks.

However, they have one of the most versatile players in Odeke Vincent who led the side against Sport-S in the Ndejje final, and Mark Omara who will sting the opponent in any of the attacking positions.

Opposite Nespal Angiro Gideon has been one of the most consistent players in the league and his presence on the UCU court will see the sharks having a hard time defending against him.

Nevertheless, the Ndejje Sharks are also not a team to downplay as tables could turn with players like Emma Kato (who sources say is on the OBB radars), Captain Ronald Kitosi who brings a commanding force to the team, and wing attacker Mugenyi Ronald.

Important to note is that Ndejje Sharks could be having one of the biggest squads among all the clubs but how they make returns from it is a question to be answered on the court.



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