Tusker Malt Uganda Golf Open Launched

Headline sponsor Tusker Malt has teed-off this year’s prestigious Uganda Golf Open that is set to be held at the magnificent Serena Golf Course Kigo.

The Juniors Open will get the event running on Saturday, October 1 and will be followed by the Ladies event due October 6-8 before the Seniors on October 14-15 while the Amateurs will come in on October 19-22 before the Pros on October 25-29.

Tusker Malt has injected over Sh600m including a pro’s kitty worth Sh100m.

“We treasure our partnership and we shall continue to treasure this beautiful game of Golf,” said Daniel Kalungi (Division Sales Manager at Uganda Breweries Limited).

“As Tusker Malt, we are proud to say that we are the number one fan of Golf and that beautiful game shares a lot in common with us.

“Tusker Malt is the finest longest brewed beer we have at UBL. We injected almost Sh600m, and for that reason, we also believe that the pros will need a kitty which we earmarked with Sh100m.

“Last year, the Kenyans gave us a bloody nose but have seen good pros walking around the course and I think we have a good team to represent Uganda.

He concluded: “We shall continue to sponsor this tournament and we hope to offer a good experience.”

Uganda Golf Union President Moses Matsiko said that they are expecting a minimum of 140 pros, adding that: “Our anticipation is that all Uganda pros are going to participate.”

The tournament has attracted golfers from Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania, Zambia, South Africa, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Malawi and USA.

Theodor van Rooyen, Serena’s golf manager, expressed his delight as the tournament returned to Kigo since 2019.

He stated: “From Serena, we are very excited to have the Uganda Golf Open. Hosting it is a reward to one who has worked behind the scenes tirelessly to see that people can enjoy the facility.

“And we want to tell everyone who is going to participate that you are very welcome and we are looking forward to entertaining you.”

Absa Bank Uganda has also injected Sh200m in the tourney.

Herbert Olowo, Absa Bank Uganda’s Head of Operations, and IT, commented: “The Open is one of the most prestigious and anticipated tournaments on Uganda’s golf calendar, and as a bank, we are proudly associated.

“We remain committed to the growth and development of the game in Uganda, which we continue to demonstrate by bolstering the capacities of the local clubs to host impactful tournaments like this and support the talented players that continue to dedicate time and effort to improve their game.”

The tournament will be broadcast live on NBS Sport.

Joseph Cwinya-ai (Amateurs), Kenyan Jastas Madoya (Pros) and Mary Karano (Ladies) won the event last year.



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