Volleyball: Resilient Tigers Given Fitting Welcome

(photo credit – Uganda Volleyball Federation media)

Saturday, September 17
•KAVC 3-0 Tigers
(25-23, 25-23, 24-26)

Kampala Amateur Volleyball Club (KAVC) beat Newbies Tigers VC 3-0 to give them a fitting welcome on arrival into the National Volleyball league at the Old Kampala Arena, on Saturday.

It was however not a bed of roses but a hard-earned win for KAVC as the Tigers put up a surprising resistance in all sets.

Tigers will have no time to rest and will be back in action on Sunday against UCU Doves.

It’s the second win from as many games from KAVC who beat UCU in straight sets last weekend at Lugogo.

KAVC will be in action against Nkumba on October 2.

How the drama unfolded:

Tigers’ Mustafa Mulondo served off the clash but KAVC was vigilant enough to make the first point though Martin Kalema served his turn in the net.

Center player Gabriel Yikita pulled off KAVC’s first aggressive act on the court as receive attacker Hangi Umar had his reception off for Tigers when they needed to gather confidence.

Tigers appeared timid when KAVC maintained their composure in the lead by five points but power attacker Sunday Kyekuse stepped up for them to score off a block out.

KAVC Onapa was too fast for Umar Hangi and Kyakuse Frank to arrest mid-air even when Maxwell kept upsetting the big boys haunting them with every jump he made.

A technical KAVC rotation had Onapa and Isaaq Mugabi switch turns while hammering the newbies despite the latter’s efforts at closing in from every error by the opponents.

A weak left hand on the serve by Tigers’ Maxwell had KAVC take the first set by two points (23-25) to introduce Set two.

Tigers returned a little more aggressive and confident prompting KAVC to do the donkey work while trailing and relying on Tigers’ errors to boost their score.

The scoreboard kept Coach Dude Memory on her toes whispering commands to her players who seemingly had gotten comfortable with a one-set advantage.

Coach Malik, on the Tiger’s touchline, looked frustrated by his charges who struggled to go past a levelled score.

The substitution of Martin Kalema for Amon Ainebyona did more harm on KAVC as the latter failed to connect communication with both middle blockers Gabriel and Emmanuel Elyabu who did quite well when Martin returned.

The game gained momentum with a squared score at 23, Karkar Thomas wiggled Tiger’s only chance to have a set counted on them (23-25).

Like from all the other sets, Onapa kept tormenting Tigers despite his team meeting similar aggressiveness on the other side of the net from a volatile Maxwell.

At 23-24, Emma Elyabu once again failed to touch base with setter Ainebyona which built more pressure as the scores got tied at 23 from an attack in the net. KAvc won this one as well at 24-26.



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