West Nile Community Tournament Set to be Launched

The West Nile Regional Football Association is set to launch the West Nile Community Tournament.

The development was confirmed in the 6th West Nile Regional Football Association ordinary General Assembly.

The Maiden Tournament will kickoff in June 2023 with 8 teams/communities.

Alur, Aringa, Kakwa, Lugbara, Jonam, Madi, Madi Indri and Refugees are the confirmed teams that will take part in the Maiden tournament.

Teams will be pooled into two groups and the matches will played on home and away basis.

The tournament will be open to any player who originates from any of those communities therefore eligibility will be by Origin not residence or choice and license will be issued to every player.

The tournament is aimed at promoting heritage and providing platforms for players to be selected for the FUFA Drum team.



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