The best African players on the planet

Africa, which is famous for being the most football-loving continent in the world, is also the birthplace of legendary football players. African football is also one of the strongest football platforms in the world with many high-class and skilled teams. In this continent, football betting is also very developed, in Africa, wagering mainly takes place on websites where you can bet using a computer or, most likely a smartphone. Currently, there are many good players from Africa playing at famous English or German clubs, they are the names that make people in the black continent feel extremely proud. If you are curious about who they are, read the article below.

Mohamed Salah

There is no doubt that Mohamed Salah is the first player to be named on the list of the best African players on the planet. For Egyptian football, Salah is considered a god, and any Egyptian, from young to old, knows this talented player. With a small stature, Salah moves extremely quickly, and decisively, Salah’s tactical thinking on the field sometimes makes his own coaching staff admire him. At Liverpool, the Egyptian player is the mainstay of the team, after more than 4 years of attachment, Salah has never lost his stable form, he is always the most feared goalscorer for opposing teams. player. Throughout his career, he has broken many records, and twice he has had the honor of receiving the Golden Shoe. Salah is really a monster in Liverpool’s attack, with him on the field, the whole team seems to be energized.

Sadio Mane

The Senegal international was also Salah’s teammate for many years, and Salah himself has to admit that Mane’s play and skills make him admire and respect him. Mane has been an important factor in helping Liverpool to continuously win big and win the championship many times after more than 6 years he has been with this team. Mane has fearsome speed, he is not eager to score, but once he does, his goals are extremely beautiful. Mane’s wings were cleverly burned, not giving the opponent the opportunity to regain the ball and most importantly, the endurance of this player ranked No. 1 in the world. In the 2018-2019 Champions League, it was he who became the hero that helped Liverpool to win the championship at that time.

Achraf Hakimi

Hakimi is the next African pride in the German major, he currently plays for PSG. Hakimi’s value is enormous because of his great skill and class. He was born in Morocco, and raised in a family with no tradition in football, but Hakimi quickly showed valuable qualities in this sport and received the attention of many fans. The most famous club in the world. Hakimi has the best assists, he never gives up any chances and is quick to convert them into goals. He is the beautiful image that the young generation of African football is learning every day.

The number of African football players cannot be counted, they are not only talented but also extremely hard-working, and hard to adapt to the new environment. If you are also interested in the football of this continent, surely you will also know the 3 players mentioned above.



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