Kyetume FC Relegated To Regional League

Uganda Premier League newcomers Kyetume have been relegated to Regional League after failing to pass FUFA Club Licensing.

The initial decision showed that Kyetume had not registered a single player on the FUFA Connect System.

It’s a requirement for a club to have a minimum of 18 players on the System before issued a licence for the forthcoming system.

The Club was given until Friday August 12 2022 to make things right, a deadline they have failed to comply with.

FUFA has said that by new August 18 deadline, Kyetume had just three players registered and hence their readiness for the new season is ‘not satisfactory.’

And they have been relegated two divisions down the league system hierarchy, with FUFA saying that they are not even fit to play in FUFA Big League.

Kyetume FC the Slaughters

“Our issues have been with passport of the players,” stated Kyetume CEO Martin Namugera when contacted by this website.

“But we have until Monday, August 29 to appeal and put everything in order.”

Before the kickoff of last season, the UPL Secretariat left out SC Villa from the draft fixture due to Governance issues.

But the Jogoos later put their house in order before they were reinstated on the final fixture.

The Slaughters were promoted back to top flight after beating then leaders Kataka in Mbale in an ill-fated affair that was marred with tear gas due to fans violence.

“FUFA advises Kyetume FC to undertake the process of meeting the club licensing requirements for the Third Division Buganda Region for the 2022/23 season,” reads a statement from the Federation.

The club has a right of appeal through the FUFA Licensing Appeals body by Monday 22nd August 2022, 17:00 hours.”

It remains to be seen if the league will be played with 15 Clubs if Kyetume fails to have their appeal successful.

Or what criteria will be followed to bring one club up to replace troubled Kyetume, if 16 clubs are to be used for a season that starts September 30.



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