Lev Yashin – the only goalkeeper to win the Ballon d’Or

The Ballon d’Or is the highest individual award in soccer, which has been awarded since 1956. Over the decades, it has gone to a goalkeeper only once. It happened in 1963 when its owner was the legendary Soviet goalkeeper Lev Yashin. At the club level he played for “Dynamo Moscow”. By the way, you can find today scores football with the participation of this team on the website of sports statistics.

After Yashin received his award, no goalkeeper has not been awarded such an honor. Only Gianluigi Buffon came close in 2006, but finished second in the voting. It is difficult to explain the phenomenon of Yashin, especially to the modern generation. At the time when he played, there were fewer international matches than there are now. However, in one of the friendly matches of England against the world team Yashin was just standing at the gate. He impressed the public so much that there were legends about the game goalkeeper for a long time. 

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Why was Yashin awarded the Ballon d’Or

The winning of the Ballon d’Or by Yashin is a consequence of a number of factors. For example, the successful play of his “Dynamo” for football live results and today it is easy to follow them on a proven platform. 

As for winning the Ballon d’Or, the following points were in favor of Yashin:

  1. Lack of World Cup or European Championship that year. It was evaluated by the games of the clubs, and then Yashin’s team was really good. The Soviet goalkeeper himself habitually showed a reliable game.
  2. Vivid individual performances of the goalkeeper. He was unique in many international matches. Fans also had fresh memories of the Euro 1960, where the Soviet national team was triumphant.
  3. Great authority in the world of sports. Yashin was a prominent figure, and not without reason he was invited to play in various friendly matches, which were very popular at the time.
  4. Cool and stable game over the years. Yashin – it was a real brand. Opponents understood that when he was in the gates, it was problematic to count on a positive outcome of confrontations.

Now it’s hard to imagine that the Ballon d’Or could go to a goalkeeper. However, anything can happen. And if you are still interested in the matches of the team, where the famous goalkeeper played, then find out the results of all football confrontations in the live mode on the sports statistics website. Now the team’s schedule is very tight, but now no match will pass you by. So, be sure to open the proven platform, and you will be able to keep your hand on the pulse. 



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