Video: Punched Referee Speaks Out After Accidental Knockout


Referee Charles Wandera Mugoya was left unconscious after he was accidentally knocked out during a kickboxing fight.

The renown Veteran Mugoya, 66, has been in the middle of a couple of high profile fights, including the battle between Golola Moses and Umar Semata at Freedom City.

But on Idd Day, he got his worst experience when he received a left hook during the Inter Club Kickboxing series in Rukungiri.

Watch Video here:

“There was a foul I had noticed, and you could see me trying to tell the fighters to stop. But because they were so much vigorous, they could not hear my instructions and that’s why I moved closer to them,” he narrated his story on NBS Sport.

“But before I could complete the word ‘STOP’, I was just punched and automatically I got a concussion.

“It was an upper cut and it landed on my weakest spot, and it caught me unaware I had to go down.

“The next thing I was already taken out of the ring.”



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