Patricia Apolot: Female Kickboxer Set For Ring Return

Uganda’s renown female kickboxer Patricia Apolot is set to return in the ring after a long hiatus.

The Black Pearl dominated global women’s kickboxing for about seven years.

She has since defended her title against challengers from all-over the world and continues to headline top billed televised fights all-over the globe.

In exclusive interview with The-SportsNation, Apolot has hinted on return to the ring after a busy schedule that was also haltered by COVID-19: “Yes, I am coming back very very soon to the ring. The training is already under way now that I am done with my university exams.”

“If everything moves according to plan, we will be in the ring by November in Europe.

“I cannot share any more details yet since management is still finalizing a few things in relation to the fight. However, my fans and Ugandans at large should expect big things.”

Apolot beating up on Austria’s Carina Greimel at Lugogo. Badru Katumba photo

Highly respected for her technically astute and powerful, relentless style in the ring, Apolot can be expected to continue reigning over her division for the foreseeable future.

She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy degree at Nkumba University.

She added: “I am only in the first semester of my second year. However, let my rivals not assume that I am going away anytime soon, since I am able to balance both the classroom and ring demands.”

Just like any athlete, Apolot says that she also endured “a lot of pain” during the COVID 19 lockdown.

“Because I solely survived off my ring exploits, I literally became a beggar in Kampala since everything had shut down,” Apolot adds.

“I had to relocate to the Village because I could not afford rent let alone a meal. For those who depended on me, I couldn’t deliver. I had become a laughing stock and had to hide from anyone I knew to avoid the embarrassment.

“What hurt me the most though was the loss of my grandmother mainly because I could not accord her the care and buy her the medication she needed.

“I saw her breath her last just like that. Each wall became cold. This is the woman who raised me. I cannot wish that level of hopelessness on anyone.”

Apolot – Up-close 


Apolot started out as a boxer in 2010 and only turned to kickboxing in 2013, and her first professional kickboxing fight was in 2014.

She won her first title in 2015 – the WKF Lightweight Super Lightweight title – when she beat Ivana Mirkov of Serbia.

She added: “I have defended it several times since; the most recent being last October when I defeated Andrea Salazar from Argentina in Cairo, Egypt.”

She currently holds 13 kickboxing, boxing and taekwondo title belts.

On what has been her key to her success, Apolot comments: “Discipline. Discipline; and more discipline. I never miss a day of training, despite my busy schedule. Of course it helps to have a strong technical team like I do. My trainers ensure I attend to my athletic profession with rigor and dedication.”

Besides her intense ring battles, Apolot is also fighting for the rights of the needy, a move that was inspired by her struggles while growing up under her grandmother’s care in a rural village in Ngora.

“I feel it’s my duty to realize real change for underprivileged children, youth, women and the elderly in my community,” the Kickboxer said.

“This burning desire to improve livelihoods has seen me start and also support a variety of transformational projects and charity events in rural Ugandan communities, many times out of my own humble resources.”

A couple of youths have benefited through vocational training and she has also been involved in building hospitals for the less privileged.

Through sports and agriculture programs, Apolot and her team are also reaching out to the youth in Ngora and the entire Teso region as they continue to uplift many out of poverty.

Fact file:
*Name – Patricia Apolot
*Nickname – The Black Pearl
*Nationality – Ugandan
*Home Town – Ngora, Eastern Uganda
*Sport – Kickboxing, Boxing and Taekwondo Title Belts
*Titles – 13 Kickboxing, Boxing and Taekwondo Title Belts



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