Pool Grand Open Championship: Kenneth Odong Makes History


Grand Open Results:
1. Kenneth Odong
2. Ibrahim Kayanja
3. Mansoor Bwanika
4. Willy Yiga.

1. Rasheeda Mutesi
2. Rukia Naiga
3. Sheila Ankah
4. Rasheeda Nansasi

Gulu-based shooter Kenneth ‘Legeza’ Odong overpowered 127 other top players to claim his maiden Tournament organized by the Pool Association of Uganda.

In a hotly contested final, Odong defeated Ibrahim Kayanja 7-6 to be crowned Champion of the P.A.U grand open championship organized at Winners’ Bar in Sseeta.

He becomes the first non-Kampala based player to win a calendar championship.

Kenneth Odong (middle)

In the ladies category, the two sisters Rukia Naiga and Rasheeda Mutesi continued to widen the gap away from the rest of their competitors after facing off in the final.

And the younger sister Mutesi won 6-3. This is the 6th Consecutive PAU Tournament Mutesi is winning after the 2018 Kampala open, 2018 Christmas cup, 2019 Kampala open, 202 Grand open, 2021 Pool Queen and now 2022 Grand open which she succesully defended.

More importantly, the event was the first ever to receive live Television airplay, having been streamed live on Sanyuka TV, following a partnership between the Pool Association of Uganda and the Media giant company- Next Media services.

The event saw first round exit of Some senior players like Joseph Kasozi and Alfred Gumikiriza who lost out to Novince brothers Ken Kabushenga and Pecos Rwigyema as Lubulwa Simon lost out to Ronald Akampulira.

Other star players such as Turigye Jonah, Sula Matovu, Amos Ndyagumanawe, Humphrey Nsubuga, etc all tried to put up a fight but none reached the semis as Odong and Kayanja powered through opponents in the 2-day event.

Rasheeda Mutesi and Rukia Naiga

The ladies’ category saw the second round elimination of Rita Nimusiima and 3rd round defeat of Namuyanja Vicky as the sisters eased through their opponents.

When Zaimatt Nabafu was shocked by a Rashida Nansasi defeat in the quarters, the stage was getting set for an all-sisters final such that even the dependable Ankah Sheila was no much for Rukia in the semis.

In the final, Rasheeda enforced her all-attacking game to Rukia until she gave in.

Next up on the PAU Calendar Shall be the 2022 Pool League.



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