Bombers Shine on Day One

Uganda Boxing Team, the Bombers, put up outstanding performance in the Mount Kilimanjaro Boxing championship in Dar es salaam Tanzania.

All the four Bombers who fought on Day One came out victorious.

•Tukamuhebwa Joshua won 3:1 split Vs Alex Isendi (Tanzania)

•Senyange Zebra won 3:1 split Vs Nduwarugira Nestroy (Burundi)

•Kibira Owen won RSC round 2 Vs Shaban Hamadi (from Tanzania Prisons)

•Nkobeza Yusuf won by RSC round 1 Vs Marko Francis (From JKT Tanzania)

It was Zebra’s first international fight who beat Nduwarugira Nestroy from Burundi by a split decision 3-1 in the Light middle weight category.

He has praised the team’s preparations and his mentality despite having a little bit of fatigue in his first fight.

“I thank the coaches who have prepared us very well, winning my first international fight is so amazing. I am mentally fit and my technical ability has helped me much due to the way I cool down faster and put pressure aside while fighting,” said Zebra Jr.

He has vowed to keep the same spirit as he heads in his second fight tomorrow.

“I am happy for the team today as we all have won our battles starting with Tukamuhebwa Joshua, Kibira Owen, Nkobeza Yusuf and me my self.

“Tomorrow I return in the ring alongside Nakimuli Teddy who will be fighting her first bout but I want to assure the fans that am coming out with a win.”

The team captain Tukamuhebwa Joshua was victorious by 3-1 in the light welterweight against Alex Isendi from Tanzania as Kibira Owen won his welterweight fight against Shaban Hamadi from Tanzania prisons in the second round.

Nkobeza Yusuf has put all the praise to the technical team after claiming a win in his first fight against Marko Francis in round one in the middle weight.

“First of all I thank my team who have put up a spirited fight in all their bouts and we came out victorious today. As you know any first fight away from home doesn’t come as you expect it,” said Nkobeza.

“The opponent didn’t give me hard time as he turned out to play the style which I understand better and that’s why I won in round one. I have already sent a message to all the boxers, I am ready to take on whoever comes.”

The Bombers are in this tournament as part of their preparations ahead of the upcoming commonwealth games in Birmingham.



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