UPL Clubs Tipped On How To Secure Sponsorship Deals


Uganda Premier League clubs were on Wednesday enlightened on how to generate income for their teams.

This, was during the ongoing The FUFA-UEFA Assist League Development Programme at Imperial Royale Hotel in Kampala.

The teams were challenged to find the most realistic opportunities for their clubs starting from Sponsorship, perimeter advertising, shirt Sponsorship, ticketing, merchandise and CSR among others.

Kenny Macleod. FUFA photo

Tackled by UEFA Assist official Kenny Macleod, it was a very important session for UPL teams who have in the past grappled to find funds for sustainability.

“Let me take this opportunity to thank our friends from UEFA for the great presentations,” Wakiso Giants CEO Sula Kamoga noted.

“We must admit it’s a great experience sharing information between confederations as we we get to learn from those who have undergone the transitions we are undergoing in the league.

“It gives us a great opportunity to revise where we have been going wrong and also put more emphasis on where we have had positives.
Basically it’s the same knowledge but the examples and experiences shared by the instructors gives a fresh look to the presentations.

“We are geared to put in practice what we have learnt in these four days.”

Teams were told to always know what their would-be sponsors are looking for including Branding and Matchday, Customer acquisition and digital content.

Diana Nyago – Busoga United
Kyetume’s Chairman Ruben Kaggwa. FUFA photos

“Get to know your fans, they are the ones who will get you sponsors,” Macleod told the club officials.

“What do sponsors need to know about your fans?
Average attendance, Social media following, broadcast views, Age, location, gender, contact details, benchmark v other sports and fan opinions.”

Teams were told to always be aware of Sponsorship architecture; How many sponsors are you targeting? What rights are unique to each sponsorship tier? Price? Income vs Value in Kind, business category vs experimental and so on.

Notably, the club officials were also taught on how to build a sponsorship presentation.

Macleod said: “It’s important to provide your marketing manager with the right sales tools to do their job efficiently. Creating an engaging sponsorship sales presentation is part of this. But how do you decide what the presentation should contain and in what order?”

The first session, led by Pedro Correia, teams were taught on how to overcome emergencies during matchdays.

UPL CEO Bernard Bainamani and League manager Paul Kabaikaramu



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