Arua Hill Fans condemn Hooliganism

Arua Hill Fans through their Chairperson Maguma Tort Wallace have raised voice against the ugly scenes that happened in the West Nile Derby between Onduparaka and Arua Hill.

Arua Hill painted Arua City Red after a comfortable 3-0 victory over Rivals Onduparaka on Friday.

A double from Rashid Kawawa and a goal from Innocent Maduka silenced Onduparaka at the Greenlight stadium in Arua.

The game was halted after it was alleged that Onduparaka fans threw bottles into the field that prompted Police to fire tear gas leaving scores injured.

During an exclusive interview with The-SportsNation, Arua Hill Fans Chairperson Mr Maguma Tort Wallace says it was a bad image for West Nile and Uganda football at large because football is supposed to unite people not divide.

“It’s actually so unfortunate for Ugandan and West Nile Football too, I feel so sad about what happened since I believe football is supposed to unite people rather than dividing” a disappointed Maguma told The-Sportsnation.

It was alleged that the Hooliganism was planned by some Arua Hill fans but Maguma refutes the accusations and instead accuse Onduparaka fans for being the main actors.

“It’s on record that Onduparaka has very indisciplined fans and they actually planned it earlier that incase Arua Hill win they will beat up our fans and its evident in our UPL group for West Nile where their fans wrote all that.”

He adds; “The allegations that the ugly scenes were planned by Arua Hill fans is very untrue”.

“To clear that up, I have clips of people wearing Onduparaka jerseys who were stoning us and to justify that, if it was Arua Hill fans who planned the ugly scenes, I don’t think any of us would get injured instead Onduparaka fans would be the victims”.

Maguma also adds that the chaos was brought by the third goal scored by Rashid Kawawa that sealed the win and ended the hosts’ hopes of a comeback.

“The cause of the chaos was simply because Arua Hill won that’s why they started stoning immediately after the third goal knowing that they can’t equalize anymore.”

In the first half, Arua Hill fans had a brawl with Onduparaka Right Back John Rogers when he was going for a throw in.

“About the issue of our fans having an encounter with John Rogers, I haven’t addressed my mind to that unless I see the clip of it and identify the fans since our fans are numbered and we know most of them and all of them are registered, anyone who isn’t registered isn’t a fan”.

The fans Chairperson has confirmed nine of their fans are receiving treatment and they won’t take any vengeance because their fans are taught about discipline and call upon Onduparaka fans to do the same.

“We have nine fans currently undergoing treatment at Rhema Hospital and we can’t revenge in any way because we teach our fans discipline and love for Ugandan football, we hope Onduparaka fans also get to copy from us”.

Maguma emphasize that if it was their fans that caused the chaos, they would take legal actions against them to serve as an example and he admits that they expected such kinds of scenes since they were already warned on social media.

“If it was Arua Hill fans that showcased the Hooliganism, I would identify all the causers and taker legal actions against them without any sympathy so that others can get to learn”.

“We expected such scenes because the fans warned us earlier on social media and we do have evidences of the threats that’s why we ordered for our own security from Police”.

“We took a drone camera to monitor everything so that we can identify the culprits and we also requested the Onduparaka management to secure us a different side in the stadium”.

Maguma has called upon leaders from both Arua Hill and Onduparaka to sensitize their fans about football and should punish any form of Hooliganism in West Nile.



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  1. Hooliganism begins from Arua hill FC chair man and then it follows the trend up to the common man, me as I said we don’t hate Arua hill FC but we hate the language they always use especially the chair man. To me that hooliganism begins from him unless otherwise, perhaps he has just joined the football world he is too excited about football and if it’s because he has alot of money one time the money will bring him sadness. To me I also condemn hooliganism but I rather show it from both sides and much more coming from Arua hill side Tort should speak the true. Football is a uniting factor and three things happen in it W, D and L, and emotions ALWAYS happens from both sides unless at the end you win so these are same people brothers and WESTNILERS we must avoid such manners. Otherwise I thank so much for the players though but game is game no matter what we ALWAYS move on. Thanks 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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