Aita on Bidding for Chelsea, Kongolo Fans Card and Sports City

Arua Hill Chairperson Joel Aita has confirmed that he has placed a bid to buy English Premier League club Chelsea FC after the club owner Roman Abromovich has put it for sale.

This comes after United Kingdom have put sanctions on him in the wake of Russia invasion of Ukraine.

In an interview with Arua based Radio station Nile FM hosted by Toko Badru Tok Alias T.O.K Premier Sports show, the tycoon confirmed his 3.3 billion US Dollar bid.

“Yeah, Yesterday we put in our bid for the purchase, we’ve set up a good consortium and based on that we have put our bid so we are hoping for the best once they come back to us and they give us their final offer we negotiate its within us and what they want we will go ahead,” he stated.

“We’ve put 3.3 billion US Dollars. I think that will be something big, right now the club is financially very strong so we thought that if we can move on with that it will be something very good”.

“Definitely it will come up with a lot of opportunities especially even for our own guys who are not able to be considered, its one of the things I will have to look at”.

Arua Hill launched Kongolo Electronic Fans card and the Chairperson says the card will come with alot of benefits for the members.

“The electronic cards first of all is going to be our identity cards for our fans, that means once you have that card you are now an official Kongolo”.

“And then secondly it will come with an advantage especially for our fans interms of purchases of all club merchandises, so we will be giving fans discounts”.

“And then we want to be able to go to different businesses within town to give our fans discounts when they are buying like in supermarkets, bars and all that so that is why we started the registration”.

“We also have plans on fans having their own SACCO so that will also need a membership card for you to join the SACCO”.

On the Kongolo Sports City, Aita says.

“First of all we have put the plots they are very cheap because we wanted the fans to be able to benefit at UGX 5M you get the plot, the title and even the design of the house so that’s why the speed is very high and its in a planned estate”.

“We have the commercial part and we have the sports facilities basketball, volleyball, netball will all be put up within there.”



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