Peace Proscovia Says Mary Nuba Has Grown From Strength To Strength

Peace Proscovia hailed She Cranes teammate Mary Nuba saying that she has “grown from strength to strength.”

In a wide ranging interview with Netball Super League media, Surrey Storm’s Proscovia expressed her delight to play at the same level with Loughborough Lightening’s Nuba.

Last weekend, Proscovia’s Surrey met Nuba’s Loughborough. And speaking before the league clash, the lanky shooter stated: “Mary is more like my young sister, she has grown from strength to strength and I enjoy watching her play.”

“Whether I will challenge her or not, is difficult for me to tell, but all what I can say, we will both play our best and at the end, its all for the development of Uganda because this is talent being developed for entire Uganda.”

Mary Nuba in action. Loughborough photo

Nuba’s Loughborough went on to beat Proscovia’s Surrey 72-56 with both shooters going head to head and scored 52 and 49 goals respectively.

Currently, Loughborough Lightning sits second on the log of 11 teams with 12 points while Proscovia’s Surrey Storm are 6th with as many points.

Proscovia is the leading goalscorer with 255 points while Mary Nuba is fifth with 190.

Both shooters will be vital as Uganda’s She Cranes go for top honors at the Commonwealth games later this year in Birmingham.

More from the Interview:

In October last year, Proscovia returned to England when she joined Surrey Storm after being released by Australia’s Sunshine’s Coast Lightning.

In 2019, Peace, officially joined Suncorp Superleague Sunshine Coast after four full years of services at England’s vitality netball league defending Champions Loughborough Lightning, which she joined in 2015 following his impressive performance in 2015 Netball World Cup held in Sydney Australia.

“Its really exciting to be back in the UK and I couldn’t wait for this moment, it was good for me to explore other opportunities outside and being in the in a different environment was really good,” Proscovia said.

“Seeing Loughborough lifting the trophy last year, it brought into fulfilment for me because it was something we all worked for and built for years, so getting that nailed down was really an excitement.”

aA selfie moment with the star – Peace Proscovia

During her stay at East Midland side, Proscovia inspired Loughborough to two Grand Superleague finals (2017, 2018) where they unfortunately lost on both occasions, But she guided them to British Fast5 All- stars Championship in 2017.

Talking about the league she had left two years ago as she applauds the role of netball and England’s vitality netball league in general, the 2017 vitality netball superleague golden shooter and player of the season award winner admitted that there is a lot which has changed.

“A lot has changed in such away that its now really unpredictable who is going to win this year or who would have won last year and I think the league has grown from strength to strength and individual players have really developed from strength to strength and its really good to have that competitiveness in the league.

“Netball is a wonderful sport, is something I have treasured for all my life the family and unity in netball is really amazing and the way its growing all over the world its even becoming interesting, I just like the competitiveness and aggressiveness that getting into it.

“And its my hope that we see more players come across, there is already many who have come across, and that is something I credit England netball and vitality netball league for, giving opportunities to players who would come over to explore and develop themselves, their families and communities back home, is something that can’t be traded for anything and on the behalf of African players I can say that we don’t take it for granted because we know this wouldn’t have been possible if the opportunities were not opened.

“What makes Netball unique is the ability to develop individuals and to become as a tool for sustainable development, is something i treasure, and the women empowerment that is going on in netball and how we can see diversity and inclusion in netball which is something we always looked for and wished to have.

“For me leaving a legacy its not about the trophies or medals that I get, its about having an impact in the life of somebody and being that light at the end of the tunnel, the opportunity that netball has given me to speak on behalf of those who can’t speak for themselves, its something that am grateful for and to me that’s the legacy, the ability to develop someone and see the person grow its more important than the trophies and medals I get.”



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