Source of the Nile Half Marathon: UAF Plans To Upgrade Runners

After a successful National Cross Country championship in Tororo, focus for Uganda Athletics Federation turns to the Source of the Nile National Half Marathon in Jinja this Sunday 27th February.

This ninth edition is to be graced by several runners that target progression to full marathon athletes.

The recent years for Uganda Athletics Federation have, despite covid-19 interruptions, yielded fruits.

Notable of these is Jacob Kiplimo who stamped his authority on the global scene when he won the World Half marathon.

His exploits have inspired many kids that are expected to grace this Sunday’s National Source of the Nile Half Marathon in Jinja.

“We have for the past years produced the greatest Marathon runners in the region and I can assure the public that as a Federation we are having our heads high to produce more and graduate the best to full marathon,” said UAF President Dominc Otuchet.

“We therefore call upon the people of Jinja to come watch and cheer up the athletes before they can later watch them on television in the World Championships, Commonwealth games, World Half Marathon and Other races.”

This source of the Nile half marathon was revived in 2020 after a lull that followed withdrawal of original sponsors Hared Petroleum.

In the past, runners like Juliet Chekwel used this championship as a precursor to joining the full marathon where she has registered decent achievements.

The Federation is hopeful that its technical team has chosen a friendly route that will enable runners like Doreen Chesang (UWA) and Fred Musobo (Prisons) defend their crowns.

More than 100 runners have entered for this 21-kilometer championship.

Excellent performers will be considered for the World Half Marathon that comes up later this year.

2021 Winners


  1. Musobo Fred (Prisons) – 1:03:1
  2. Rotich Maxwell Kortex (Arua) – 1:03:4
  3. Kwemoi Andrew Rotich (Arua) – 1:03:5


  1. Chesang Doreen (UWA) 1:13:5
  2. Chemutai Doreen (Prisons) 1:14.3
  3. Chebet Racheal Zena (Prisons) 1:14:4

(Featured image credit – URN)



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