Mvara Boys: Two Perish In Accident En route to Regional League Match

West Nile Regional League side Mvara Boys FC officials have perished in an accident, the club has confirmed.

The deceased are Technical Director Yangu Charles and Kits manager Anguyo Brian Chandia.

The accident happened around Alwi in Packwach due to mechanical fault after a dysfunctional brake system of the coaster belonging to Madi and West Nile Diocese Emmanuel Cathedral.

Mvara Boys were heading to Pakwach District for a West Nile Regional League game against Pakwach Young Stars at Omach Primary school Playground.

It is reported that the deceased were standing near the bus entrance unfortunately the door stand broke down and dragged them under the bus.

Other members of the team were rushed to Angal Hospital.

Mvara Boys are 10th in the West Nile Regional League Nyagak Zone with 6 points in 6 matches. They have won one game, drawn 3 and lost 2. They have scored 8 goals and conceeded 8.



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