Shadir Musa: Bombers Captain Sets Sights On UFC

The Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) are one of the most celebrated mixed martial arts fights (MMA) in combat fighting.

This involves the use of various skills like boxing and kickboxing in caged fights.

The bombers captain Shadir Musa Bwogi who represented Uganda at the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo is eager for bigger achievements as he looks forward to his fight fight in the UFC series.

We caught up with Shadir as he expressed his readiness to feature in the UFC series though he continues to prepare for his duties as a boxer and the bombers captain.

“I am a multi talented sports man and I have always prepared my self for bigger challenges. I see value in my self that I can be a good fighter and now am prepared and still preparing for anything to come in the UFC and MMA fight,” Shadir expressed his readiness.

As every sports who tries out new challenges, there are various inspirations which come up through his way, most times it may be former champions in that sport but for Shadir it’s not the usual case as he claims to inspire himself on new challenges.

“I have inspired my self due to the love I have for combat sports or one man sports. It doesn’t differ much with boxing as u are also alone in the ring and I am me and looking up to myself and what I want to achieve in combat sports.”

Shadir Musa (left). Courtesy photo

Besides joining combat fighting, Shadir is still a boxer and the captain of the Bombers team eager to represent the nation in the next international duty.

“I am still a boxer and I will represent my country in any competitive games if I qualify, I will participate in the qualifying rounds despite missing out on the ongoing champions League.”

On whether there were some misunderstandings with the Uganda Boxing Federation (UBF) president Moses Muhangi on issues of not taking part in the champions League, Shadir refuted claims and stated that he was only fighting for his rights and the fellow boxes as a team captain.

“I didn’t have any misunderstandings with any one at UBF I was claiming and fighting for my rights and my fellow boxers I lead as there captain and am not affected in anything cause am chasing the same bread they are chasing too.”

He continues to express his withdrawal from the champions League after being handed new guidelines to feature without signing contracts after the meeting with UBF and NCS.

“At my level of understanding and Sports wise am not desperate to compete somewhere, I am not valued and my services aren’t needed. My image is a big thing in the game of boxing every one looks out at it.”



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