KCCA Discontented With FUFA Ruling of Abandoned Onduparaka Match

KCCA FC have expressed their disagreement with the FUFA Competitions Disciplinary Panel (CDP) rulings regarding their abandoned away game to Onduparaka FC on December 27 2021.

Last week on Monday, the said match was prematurely ended in added time at 2-2 when Onduparaka fans stormed the pitch in protest of Referee Ronald Madanda’s decision to award KCCA FC a late Penalty.

Following investigations made by the FUFA Competitions Disciplinary Panel, different rulings were taken regarding the matter. The CDP ordered the abandoned matched between the two teams to be replayed at a neutral ground, Onduparaka were deducted two points and two goals following the ugly scenes.

Furthermore, Onduparaka vice Captain Rashid Okocha was banned from all Football activities with immediate effect from 31st December to 31st May 2022, the club’s CEO Edson Saba Saba was suspended for 90 days. Centre referee in the said match Ronald Madanda was also suspended for six months.

With less than two days after the rulings, KCCA have come out and expressed their discontent about the matter.

“The decision of the FUFA CDP was received on 31st December 2021 with total shock and dismay at the callousness of the sanctions imposed on the abandoned Match NO 101 away to Onduparaka FC at the Ababet Greenlight Stadium on Monday 27th December 2021,” reads a statement from the club.

“These sanctions in effect not only set aside the tile book drafted and shared by the Federation (FA) but are also a pat on the. Ack of perennial offenders and a reward to hooliganism by gifting clubs a second bite of the cherry.”

Furthermore, the club says this is not the first time this is happening and no action was taken by the Federation in the past.

“We have severally reported similar incidents in Arua- Not the first time our team bus has been attacked nor our fans beaten before to the FA and they opted not to take any action then and what we have now is an outpouring of recklessness.

Just to remind the public that these similar tactics were the norm in the 1990’s as the game completely got bastardized and abused by teams, officials and regulators repeatedly. Teams then connived to abandon games so they could live another day for the replays. This is not a place we want to go back to get this decision sets precedent on the matter.”

With all the happenings, the Lugogo based side have called upon the FUFA boss Moses Magogo to come to their rescue regarding the matter.

“While the FA president is preaching Water, the Judicial bodies are continuously drinking wine in total disregard of the effect on the brand, developments in the game and industry of football as a whole. The trend the game is currently taking reeks of Regulations that are tone deaf and we call upon the FA president to look into the renewal of persons holding positions of responsibility across the football spectrum.

As a club and for the values we stand for, we often than not advocate for dialogue and constructive criticism and this we shall continue to exercise.”

Up next for KCCA will be a home game against Mbarara City at Lugogo this week on Wednesday 5th, 2022.

With their next task fast approaching, the club says they are looking for various channels to take regarding the matter of FUFA’s rulings.

“We are currently looking at all options at our disposal and we shall advise further on which direction we shall take regarding this matter. Lastly we implore the FA to be seen to show the Power of their Examples not the Examples of the Power.”



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