Moses Golola’s Son Ready for First Fight

As the saying goes ‘a lion gives birth to a lion’, this also applies in martial arts as fighters are expected to produce and mentor their sons as future fighters.

Today I bring you Martin Kawesa Jr son to Uganda’s most decorated Kickboxer Golola Moses of Uganda.

Kawesa, 14, will on 26th of Dec (Boxing day) have his first serious fight against Kamulegeya Joshua.

In an exlusive interview with SportsNation, the brave Kawesa stated:

“Many think this is my first but i have been winning inhouse fights at Golola talents academy so Kamulegeya should come knowing am also not a joking subject just like my dad.

Asked why of all sports disciplines he decided to fight, he revealed

“I have discovered that I have a lot of talent in various sports disciplines including athletics, kickboxing, and others but i have been in the gym since childhood training with my dad and i feel am ready for my maiden fight.”

“Since am a student I have a dream to chase after my education thats why i want to hit them hard when am still young and by 26 yrs I will be good to go and do other things.

As a father, Golola believes he has prepared his son process by process and he is sure the boy will not let him down.

“As I wait to have my last fight with James Majok, its high time I introduce the new Ugandan Champion that i have grommed and many other champions under Golola talents Academy.”



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