Leicester is one of the main sensations of the XXI century

Perhaps most football fans know that a club cannot achieve solid results without serious investment in development. English Leicester has become a real exception to this rule. Before the start of the season 2015/16, the 1xBet bookmaker gave a coefficient of 500 for the victory of this team. This is the maximum value for this type of bet. Consequently, the team was perceived as a strong middling club, whose ultimate dream could be a place in the top ten.


But at the same time, experts and fans forgot about the genius of Claudio Ranieri. The Italian specialist managed to assemble a strong team, which won a positive result in almost every match. At the end of the 1xBet season, the team was considered the favourite even in matches against direct opponents, namely Arsenal and Tottenham. The resulting 81 points and a significant lead over the Gunners allowed Leicester to become the champions of England for the first time. This incredible event was impossible to predict before the start of the season.

Ranieri team’s recipe for success

Naturally, sensations in football happen from time to time. As an example, we can recall the triumph of the Danish national team at the 1992 European Championship, or the same result for Greece in 2004. However, the continental championship is held for a month, and the finalist team plays only six matches, unlike in the Premier League, where each team played 38 games. Consequently, the triumph of Leicester was perceived by the public in a different way. After the 1xBet login Ghana, users could see how much the attitude towards this team had changed. After all, after the championship, it immediately entered the top five favorites of the new Premier League draw. What is the secret of that team:

  1. Legendary and independent coach. Claudio Ranieri didn’t require a large transfer budget from Leicester’s management, focusing on targeted changes.
  2. Potentially star footballers who were not yet known to the general football public in 2015. Among them are Vardi, Marese and Kante. The latter two subsequently moved to top English clubs.
  3. Full commitment in every match. As a result, a confident game against favorites. In the case of Leicester, luck played a minimal role.

Consequently, this victory allowed many clubs to believe in themselves. Moreover, it has enriched football fans. For example, a cheerleader named Chloe Cope has won over £35,000. The English bookmakers accepted bets on Leicester with odds of 5001. However, after the 1xBet login in Ghana, bettors also had a great chance of success. However, at first no one believed in this humble team.



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