Inaugural Prosper Soccer League Seeks To Nurture Talent

The Prosper Soccer League launched last week will be targeting to spot and develop talent, the organisers said.

The League is an initiative of Prosper Soccer Academy which is under the Prosper Soccer agency.

The Academy’s director Denis Namanya said that the league which will get underway on February 5 to April next year, is for Kids aged between 3 to 12 years for both Boys and Girls.

“We will be playing at City High Lugogo bypass but with time we can advance to another playground,” said Namanya.

“This is open to anyone who wants to join. We welcome all stakeholders and welwishers. This is like a giveaway from us and we encourage all parents to bring their parents and be part of this event.”

Denis Namanya

Registration is Sh100,000 per child which includes the playing kits among others. The organisers are targeting to have about 12 teams for their inaugural edition. The teams will be named after the sponsors on board.

“If you have passion for the kids, no way you can deny it,” Namanya said when asked on why he came up with the initiative.

“I would go with old age but it comes back that football development starts with the young age. This is the way to go. Introducing the academy and league, it means that I am in the right path.”

Invited as the guest during the league launch at Route256 in Lugogo, former KCCA FC manager Mike Mutebi welcomed the idea and added that there are so many kids out there who are willing to learn but stressed that developing kids is not a walk in the park.

Mike Mutebi

He commented: “We have always talked about developing these kids. But we always have to develop players at an affirmative age which is between 12 and 14. At that stage, the player is ready to play competitive football.

“But in that role, you need quite a number of puzzles. You need the parents. you must interest the parents into this idea, the media, the Federation among others.”

Mutebi said that Coaches in the league must give the young players playing time because it’s good for their development.

Mutebi added that FUFA should put up some measures to see that the young players get playing time.

FUFA Youth Development Officer Bashir Mutyaba said that FUFA welcomes such initiatives because “our role is to develop the game and as well monitor individuals that have interest in developing the game.”

Bashir Mutyaba

“You cannot develop the game as the Federation alone so you need different stakeholders to be part and we really encourage everyone who has interest in developing the game to come forward and work with us.

“FUFA came up with Guidelines to govern academies and in one of the requirement that everyone person who is interested in forming a competition you must come to FUFA seeking permission and get guidance on how best you can come up with such competition. And when it comes to Kids, it’s really a gap that is going to be bridged.

“When you look at the current competitions we have been having, we have mostly school competitions, we have been having the Juniors League but it was attached to UPL teams. The gap has been there for the Under-12 and as the Federation we really embrace anyone who comes up with such an initiative to develop youngsters at an early age.”

Mutyaba vowed to work hand in hand with Prosper to ensure that the league project becomes a success.

William Blick

Former Uganda Olympics Committee President William Blick commended the idea, saying that the League is a ” to Ugandan football” and to have such an initiative where kids can be able to impart skills and advance their competitiveness is the way to go.

He said that the league will help Kids get exposed to competition and structured play as early as possible.



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