Sadiq Sempigi: We Were Unlucky Against SC Villa

Arua Hill Assistant Coach Sadiq Sempigi says they deserved to pick all the 3 points but they were unlucky against SC Villa.

Arua Hill came from 2 goals down to pick a point in a 2-2 draw with SC Villa at the Barifa Stadium in a rescheduled league game.

Speaking after the game, Sempiji says they were relaxed in the opening half hour and the SC Villa punished them from defensive mistakes.

“We were a little bit relaxed in the first 30 minutes the opponents had a couple of chances and they utilised,” stated Sempigi.

“We made some mistakes we were a little bit reckless in defending but I think we tried to come back in the last 15 minutes in the first half and even the last 15 minutes of the second half.”

Rogers Omedwa horror gifted Isaac Ogwang to give Villa the lead before Nicholas Kabonge who started his first game of the season headed home Saddam Masereka cross to double the visitors lead.

At the stroke of halftime, Alfred Leku pulled one back for the before substitute Innocent Media bundled in Atendele Geriga low freekick to equalise for the dominant Arua Hill.

The kongolo wasted a lot of chances in an attempt to find the equaliser and the would-be winner as they kept on pressuring the resilient Villa defence.

“We managed to get the first goal and the 2nd goal so we were pushing for the winning goal,” Sempigi adds.

“We had a couple of chances but we couldn’t utilize them so I take that we were unlucky on the day.”

A win would have taken Arua Hill into the top 5 but a draw means they maintain the 7th position with 15 points in 10 matches after winning 4 and three draws and loses each.

“Of course we have lost 2 points, we wanted by the end of today to push to the top 5 but it has not come our way and I think it is a bad day for us”.

“The game approach was okay but we just relaxed in the defence and when we conceeded the 2 goals we tried to come back very strong but it was too late for us and we couldn’t get the 3rd goal”.

Arua Hill next game will be at home with UPDF on Saturday 18th.

“We have had a couple of games in 14 days,” the coach ads. “We have played 4 games including movements, the players had are a little bit fatigued but we are working hard on recoveries and we have been so serious on it”.

“We have little time to prepare but we think the boys are well conversant with the style and system of play”.

Arua Hill was forced to make a substitution in the first half after Andama Junior was kicked by Fred Agandu in the abdomen and he was replaced by Allan Mugalu.

“Indeed it affected us because it was a forced substitution we were not ready for it. He picked an injury and he was off but the one who came on was equal and tried his best to get the ball back only that today we were unfortunate”.

Innocent Media who scored the equaliser have now scored two goals this season after scoring his first in the 3-1 Vistory against Tooro United as a substitute.

“Innocent is a good player, he’s a boy who is improving he’s growing very quick but we are bringing him step by step, we are not hurrying him”.



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