Busoga United: Chairman Takoowa Bemoans Magogo, Nyago Interference

Busoga United chairman Hassan Takoowa has accused FUFA Boss Moses Magogo and former club chairman Diana Hope Nyago of interfering into club matters.

Takoowa claims that these Interferences have led to the club’s poor performance in the ongoing season.

Busoga United currently sit just a point above safety after nine league games!

Takoowa who took over the club leadership in February this year has made some revelations.

He stated that Nyago wanted the club to shift base from Jinja to Tororo because she is not wanted in Busoga region, a move which Takoowa says that he rejected later leading to their fallout.

“In July 2021, upon the survival of the club from relegation; Mama (Nyago) wanted us to take the club to Tororo and host games from St George stadium against a background that many people of Busoga never wanted anything to do with her and thus opted to have the club shifted to Tororo,” Takoowa said in a statement.

“I however objected to this notion and my objection was based on the FIRM Belief that this club was supposed to be a vehicle to help nurture talented Basoga and contribute to the economic emancipation of Busoga Region, sadly this became the beginning of the fall out with Mama.”

He continues to narrate: “I ended up making preparations to host our games at Kakindu in Jinja by engaging the City Authority to offer the club a long term lease as the club’s home ground. In addition to this, I discussed with them possibilities of further redevelopment of the Kakindu stadium so that it can be a permanent home of the club.”

“Prior to this, through the former LC 3 Chairman Jinja central division, I made some financial contributions towards the stadium development and also went further to engage a few prominent Basoga and companies in Busoga region to come on board to both support and be part of the process of building the club that is intended to be the driver of both social and economic development in Busoga region.”

Takoowa revealed that Nyago held a meeting with the club staff and informed them that “I was getting lots of StarTimes money and used it for personal enrichment leaving them to suffer” after their match-day four game against Tooro United.

He alleges that Nyago paid men to “beat me up” and that they manhandled him while on Club duty in Jinja.

Takoowa says that Nyago joined hands with Former SC Villa CEO Shawn Mubiru to invite the FUFA President Magogo who went on to meet all staff and promised them balls and one month’s salary among other things.

He continues: “Thankfully the balls were delivered but the promised money which was yet to come ended up sowing mayhelm in my camp, eventually resulting in losing four consecutive winnable matches.”

Busoga United has lost four league games in a row falling to UPDF, BUL, Arua Hill and BUL, not to mention the goalless draw with Bright Stars earlier.

“It was alleged that when Shawn was delivering the balls as per Magogo’s promise to the club staff and before the bystanders, he gave out a speech which was misunderstood that ‘both Kakindu stadium and the money had not been passed and or delivered was due to my refusal to sign papers handing over the club.”

Takoowa says that the circulating rumours of him being kicked out by Nyago and Magogo has made it “practically impossible” for him to raise money to maintain the club.

He urged well wishers for support: “I am urgently calling on all Basoga of Goodwill for Busoga region to come and support the club financially and morally to ensure its existance. For the good of the club, am also calling upon persons of goodwill for Busoga region to come forward and invenst in the club’s development.”



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