Kenya Day Golf Tournament: Tusker Malt Joins Kenya Week Celebrations

What – Kenya Day Golf Tournament
When – December 10
Where – Uganda Golf Club, Kitintale
Why – Celebrate 58th Jamhuri Day

Tusker Malt is on board as Ugandans and Kenyans living in Uganda join to celebrate Kenya’s Jamhuri Day at the Par 72 Kitante Golf Course in Kampala.

The main highlight of the celebrations will be the Kenya Day Golf tournament that will be held on December 10 to mark the country’s independence.

“As Uganda Breweries, we are very happy to be part of the Kenya Jamhuri Celebrations and you are all aware that Tusker Malt has its roots in Kenya,” stated Judith Nandekya, Tusker Malt representative.

“We also know that Tusker is the biggest sponsor of Golf in Uganda, and we are happy to be part of the different activities that Kenya High Commission is organising to mark the Kenyan celebrations.

“As a tradition, we will be ending the day with the prize giving ceremony at the 19th hole and we have different exciting prizes that we will be giving out to various winners.”

Deputy Kenyan High Commissioner to Uganda, Amb. Kennedy Mokaya and Judith Nandekya of Tusker Malt representative.

The celebrations marks the 58th Anniversary of the Jamhuri Day, 58 years since Kenya earned their independence.

“As we embark on the countdown to our Independence Day, we remember the heroes who fought for our country’s independence. Because of their vision, courage, and sacrifice, our country has since 1963 made tremendous political, social and economic progress,” stated Deputy Kenyan High Commissioner to Uganda, Amb. Kennedy Mokaya.

“We also owe our freedom heroes gratitude for having the foresight to join hands with their counterparts in the region to create the East African Community whose fruits we now enjoy.”

The tournament that will bring together key leaders in Government, diplomatic community, business community, and other golf enthusiast, will comply with the existing Covid19 protocols, the organisers have confirmed.

Tusker Malt, KCB Bank among others are sponsoring the event.

Mokoya added: “I take this opportunity to acknowledge the very generous support of our partners – Kenyan and non Kenyan corporate companies doing businesses in Uganda.”

“These Companies are the tangible fruits of our independence, the excellent political and economic ties that exist between Kenya and Uganda. I, therefore, look forward to their full participation in this event.”

The tournament was not held last year due to Covid19 pandemic.

In 2019, Mark Namanya (Male) and Brenda Maraka (Female) were the respective winners.



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