Financially-hit Tooro United Risks FUFA Sanctions

The ongoing financial struggles at Tooro United do not seem to have a near end.

The Club has been camping at Kavumba recreation centre since their 6-1 defeat against URA FC.

On Monday, the team left Kavumba to Fort Portal for their clash against UPDF FC on Tuesday.

However, the team left behind uncleared bills including a certain Lady identified as ‘Nalongo’ who ran to FUFA with a strong complaint claiming that she owes the club around Sh800,000.

It is said that Nalongo cooked for the Tooro United players during their long stay at Kavumba.

On Monday night, while in Fort Portal, Tooro United players were each given a mediocre Sh2000 for their supper!

“This is tantamount to mockery,” complained some of the players who preferred anonymity. “How do you expect us to give you good results when we are not motivated financially.”

The Players have reportedly gone months without pay, which has been a song in recent memory.

The ongoing financial struggles at the club may be understandable to a little extent given how Covid19 has affected the Economy.

However, the players feel that the Club Owner Alice Namatovu is not answerable.

A section of players have threatened to boycott future games if the conditions do not stabilise.

Efforts to reach Namatovu, a former BBS tv Marketing Manager, has not been fruitful.

Prior to 2020/22 season kickoff, Tooro United’s first owner Smart Obedi and Ssepelito Ssesanga had made plans to reclaim the club from Namatovu.

Fort Portal City has also made plans to buy 70% of the shares in the club, but the deal hit a dead end.



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