Lower Division Semifinals Playoffs Postponed

The Lower League Management Committee (LLMC), under Federation of Uganda Basketball (FUBA) has postponed the Semi-finals playoffs that were slated for this weekend, November 27th – 28th.

The new set dates for the playoffs is December 4-5.

LLMC has done the Postponement to buy more time as they look into the Kampala Rockets petition against Gulu Hawks.

Rockets, knocked out by Gulu Hawks, filed their case claiming that Gulu Hawks fielded an ineligible player.

Ahmed Pai Kamoga, LLMC General Secretary, told The-Sportsnation: “The games have been pushed because there is an ongoing petition by Kampala Rockets to the Gulu Hawks for fielding an ineligible player.”

“The committee is still gathering evidence to make a verdict and it will be expensive for us as the Federation to have only one weekend of the Tropical Royals playing either Gulu Hawks or the Kampala Rockets when the case has been solved hence the postponement.”

He added that the games will be definitely affected by this postponement given that FUBA had estimated that the games would be done by the 12th of December.

With the postponement of the games, they will probably come to an end after a one week extension which will be 17th December.



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