Kampala Rockets Petition FUBA Over Gulu Hawks Use of ‘Ineligible’ Player

Kampala Rockets has contested game III loss against Gulu Hawks in the FUBA Division One Playoffs.

The Kampala Rockets were eliminated from the ongoing playoffs by Hawks to miss a place in the semis.

The Rockets claim that Gulu Hawks fielded a player, Musa Nlosher, who they say that he is not registered.

The Club requested for paper work and the true identity of the Gulu Hawks player Nlosher.

The contested player is said to have started playing for Gulu Hawks at the start of playoffs to boost the side’s depth for a team that struggled with nunbers for a greater part of the regular season.

With the contest of the game, if Musa Nlosher’s identity is discovered to have been faked, Gulu Hawks risks getting kicked out and the Rockets will proceed to Semi finals and face off with the Tropical Royals.

The player in contest was the MVP of Game III thanks to his 24-point performance on Saturday as Gulu Hawks beat Kampala Rockets 95-86 at Nakasero to win Game three and the series alike.



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