Hassan Alwi Breaks Silence On Withdrawal From Sexy Speed Rally

Hassan Alwi has lifted lid after his team, International University of East Africa Rally Crew, pulled out of the upcoming Sexy Speed Rally due November 26-27 in Jinja.

The IUEA, on November 17, wrote to Federation of Motorsport Clubs in Uganda (FMU) to confirm their withdrawal from the Jinja event dubbed Sexy Speed Rally which is the last event of the National Rally Championship.

Alwi, in a press conference held at IUEA boardroom on Monday morning, said that his team reached at the decision in respect to their beliefs.

He acknowledged that this is the first event their team will be missing since its creation in 2015.

Rally Driver Hassan Alwi who also doubles as a Resident Director at IUEA

“I have been very much excited and prepared for the rally and it has really broken my heart to hear that we are not going to be part,” a disappointed Alwi stated.

“I really did not mind about the name and all that in the beginning but there was a bit of confusion with my team in regards to why such a name, but it was not a problem for me personally but as an institution that I represent and based on what we have been trying to do and you know we have created a culture in this institution that is very different to many other places.

“Our culture has been focused mainly on integrity, doing good and standing on what is right. We have come a long way in regards to promoting that and I would say it’s been a good journey but the whole idea of symbolizing Women especially half naked women in an event where we are always with our families, I have got two daughters that usually accompany me in most rallies, but I would say this is a bit awkward for them, I would not want my daughters to be there.”

Alwi and Stella Otteskov, the Human Resource at IUEA

He joins other drivers Didas Matsiko and Timothy Gawaya to withdraw their entries.

Alwi who won the Jinja Rally organised by Eastern Motorclub in March last year, is seated 70 points adrift of Duncan ‘Kikankane’ Mubiru.

He added: “I have a lot at stake here, I really want to compete in this championship and be part of the event but because of these small issues I think I cannot decide for the team, I am a team player and the majority has already decided so I will be losing out on my effort in the championship, I would be missing out my favourite event of the year which is the Jinja rally and am ready to do that. I believe that it’s the right thing to do.”

“I have nothing on FMU and the organisers or the event it self and we will be there to support them in the future if they consider looking into some of our morals and what other believe in because here at IUEA we are multi-cultural and multi religious, we connect to everyone in all aspects. We support all nationalities and races and that will continue.”

Alwi and New Vision Journalist Johnson Were

He stated that he is disappointed that he will not be part of the event but wants to see the sport improve and he went ahead to express his readiness to continue being committed to driving and seeing that he raises their brand and flag high.

He revealed that their sponsor Stabex was pleased that they pulled out of the rally because they were not willing to be involved as well.

He added: “I have nothing about the event but we feel it’s not for us. Aand I encourage all the participants to go and enjoy themselves and I wish them the best. Just consider us out based on our reasons and I would like you to respect that.”

The University of IUEA is undertaking an excise called Pad Every Girl, an initiative that was started two years ago to ensure that they are make pads accessible to most girls in all corners of the country.

“Its important to support them, Women play a crucial role in our lives,” Alwi added.

Stella Otteskov

Stella Otteskov, the Human Resource at IUEA said strongly that “we can’t take part in events where women are semi naked.”

The University’s Vice Chancellor Emeka Akaezuwa, said that they respect their values.

He stated: “Our gender equality values are very strong. We promote the Girl child and give them scholarships. We strongly support the equality and success and respect. We adhere to these key values at all levels.”

Vice Chancellor Emeka Akaezuwa

NRC point standings
*Duncan Mubiru – 350
*Hassan Alwi – 280
*Fred Kitaka – 270
*Omar Mayanja – 260
*Jas Mangat – 180



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