Video of Bayo’s Goal: Clear Foul – Kenya Coach Fumes

Kenya coach Engin Firat was left fuming after Djibouti Referee Ahmad Djama allowed Fahad Bayo’s equaliser to stand against the Harambee Stars.

Bayo leveled late in the game when he robbed Kenyan goalkeeper Brian Bwire Okoth of possession in a World Cup qualifiers game at St Mary’s Stadium in Kitende.

Trailing 1-0 in the 89th minute, Bayo sneaked in his boot just before the goalkeeper had full grasp of the ball before scoring in an unguarded net.

Video courtesy of FIFA TV

Firat believes that there was a foul in the build up to the goal.

“Though I will also blame my goalkeeper because he relaxed with the ball, but still there is no discussion, its a clear foul,” said Firat after the game.

“Its two points lost.”

Giving his geberal thoughts about the match, he added: “The game was like how I expected; very physical, Uganda was a physical team and played very high balls.

“In the first half, we created many goalscoring chances, this is the same problem we faced in our last game (against Mali) where we had chances but failed to score. In the second half I was not very happy because we sat a little deeper not the way I wanted. We could have finished the game in the first half but wasted our chances.”

Kenya who faces Rwanda at home, are third with three points.

Legit Goal?

Per football rules, the goalkeeper looked to be in possession of the ball just when Bayo sneaked out his boot.

While the ball is in the possession of the goalkeeper, it cannot be played by an opponent.

Violation of that is punished by a direct free kick.

Goalkeeper’s possession is defined as the goalkeeper having the ball trapped between one hand and a surface (which may include the other hand, the ground, a goalpost, or the keeper’s own body).



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