SC Villa Elections: Omar Mandela Unopposed

Omar Ahmed Mandela is all but the new SC Villa club President.

Mandela, who announced his presidential bid last Monday, is the only successful candidate after the closure of nominations.

The development was confirmed by the Villa Electoral Committee in a letter sent to the Members of the Villa Members Trust.

Two individuals – Mandela and Farouk Mewya – had picked nomination forms but the later returned incomplete forms.

The letter briefly reads: “For this reason, we only have one individual who has satisfied the requirements to participate in the Club’s elections.”

Isaac Walukagga, Chairman Villa Electoral Committee, confirmed that the club has recieved Mewya’s request for an extension to fully comply with the requirements to be nominated.

But the committee, that must have the Elections by November 13, turned down Mewya’s request because “any deviation from the Election road map will make it impossible to meet the deadline.”

Mandela recently confirmed a four-man Vice President team of Daniel Bakaki, Ben Misagga, Muhamadi Bazirengedde and Salim Ssemanda.



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