Misagga Resigns From Nyamityobora, Commits to SC Villa

Reknown Football administrator Immanuel Ben Misagga has resigned from his role as president at FUFA Big League side Nyamityobora FC.

Misagga leaves his role at the club after spending three years at the Abanyakare since leaving SC Villa in 2018.

In a letter documented to FUFA from Muwema Co. Advocates, Misagga’s resignation was invevitable given the fact that he wanted to actively participate in SC Villa’s club activities.

“Our client’s resignation from Nyamityobora Football Club is informed by his support, intent and renewed commitment to actively participate in the activities of Sc Villa him being a life member, Long time supporter and past president of the club,” reads a statement from Muwema Co. Advocates.

The letter would further reveal the former Sc Villa president’s intentions and commitment to rejuvenate the glory of SC Villa while cooperating with other members of the club and the current leadership.

Misagga leaves a Nyamityobora side that has had endless financial problems throughout the past regular season of the FUFA Big League.

However, in the middle of this persistent financial crisis, Misagga has been helping solve some of the woes including putting in place a sh50,000 reward per goal scored in the past season.  

The climax of the team’s long-held financial woes came out when Nyamityobora suffered a 4-0 humiliation at the hands of Gaddafi FC in the FUFA Big League playoff semifinal at FUFA Technical Centre in Njeru, ending the team’s hopes of a return to top flight football. 

Back in the days before joining Nyamityobora, Misagga was at Sc Villa as Club President before leaving in July 2018, after FUFA had stopped the club elections by then.

However, despite his departure at the Joggos, Misagga always made it clear that he is a Villa fa and will have the club at heart.

His resignation now comes at a time when Sc Villa has been troubled with governance and leadership issues and they are headed for elections.



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