Leaders KOBs Land Hippos As Rujumba 7s Draws Held


*Pool A – Betway KOBs, Jinja Hippos, Rams, Rams 2
*Pool B – Heathens, Plascon Mongers, Rhinos, Entebbe Jaguars
*Pool C – Black Pirates, Warriors, Sailors, Pacers
*Pool D – Toyota Buffaloes, Impis, Stallions, Eagles

Betway KOBs have pitted in Pool A alongside Jinja Hippos after the Rujumba 7s draws were held on Tuesday.

The National Rugby 7s return this weekend after a two-week break with the Rujumba 7s circuit at Kings Park.

The event, just like other two circuits (Mileke and Coronation) in the central region, will be played for two days.

KOBs who have Rams and Rams 2 in group A, lead the log with 66 points.

This will be the fourth leg of the Circuit of the National 7s which was recently pushed to allow the National team (Rugby Cranes) take part in the Safari Sevens.

After the Rujumba 7s, roads lead to Kabale for Kigezi 7s before closing the season with Coronation 7s at Legends on November 20/21.


  1. KOBs – 66
  2. Pirates – 55
  3. Heathens – 53
  4. Buffaloes – 45
  5. Hippos – 39
  6. Impis – 34
  7. Warriors – 34
  8. Mongers – 28
  9. Rams – 23
  10. Sailors – 7



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