Interview: Charlotte Mudoola Talks Life and Rugby

Charlotte Mudoola, is a daughter to Rugby icon Immy Mudoola. Just like her mother, Charlotte is performing well at the Sport and maintaining the family’s legacy. She currently plays for Black Pearls and has been a mainstay on the National Women team.

Her brothers Timothy and Fred Mudoola are former Rugby Cranes stars and currently with the KOBs technical team.

We caught up with Charlotte Mudoola for a quick interview:

SportsNation: Besides rugby, which other sport did you try out?
Mudoola: I have played alot of sport through the years growing up. I have played volleyball, soccer, basketball, athletics, field hockey. I tried a bit of lawn tennis and badminton (didn’t enjoy these two so I never took them up).

SportsNation: What is your best and worst moment as a rugby player?
Mudoola: Best memory is of course qualifying for the first ever Rugby 7s World cup (2008) and actually playing at the said World Cup, 2009 in Dubai.
Worst memory was getting a fracture at the Botswana Africa 7s in 2013.

SportsNation: Which people do you thank for your rugby career?
Mudoola: My parents, brothers, friends (they know themselves) and this person deserves special mention Helen Koyokoyo Buteme.

SportsNation: Who is your best friend at Black Pearls and why?
Mudoola: Being a team sport, I believe every player you play with should be your best friend. You go through a lot as team, be it wining or losing. So every single player I sweat with and plays alongside me is my best friend on the team.

SportsNation: Who is the funniest teammate at Black Pearls?
Mudoola: I want to believe I am the funny one and goofy one in the team (laughs) but I also get serious when it’s time to put in the work.

SportsNation: Who is the best player you have played with and why?
Mudoola: Of course, its Helen Koyokoyo Buteme. She knew when to break the defence line and beat the opponents. And it was easy for me read her way of play and know what she wanted. She made it easy.

SportsNation: Who is the hardest opponent you have faced?
Mudoola: Hardest opponent in my opinion wasn’t an individual but a team, and that was New Zealand.

SportsNation: Who is the best coach you have been under?
Mudoola: The best rugby coach I have been under is the one amd only Helen Koyokoyo Buteme (Smiles).

SportsNation: Best tournament/game you have ever played?
Mudoola: Nothing beats the World cup. The World cup will always be one of the best tournaments. However, another tournament was the Rugby Afrique 7s, 2018 where we made the final amd qualified to play at the Hong Kong 7s, 2019.

SportsNation: Most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you on pitch?
Mudoola: Getting that hand-off/fend off by the opponent. It never gets old. It’s always embarrassing (laughs loudly)

SportsNation: If you were to form a dream team, which players would you have on your team (5)?
Mudoola: myself, Grace Auma, Emily Lekuru, Asha Nakityo & Juliet Nandawula.

SportsNation: How are you balancing books and sports?
Mudoola: Wow! It’s a compliment you think I am still in school. I am done with University/school for now….but how I balance my career and sport, it’s all about having a support system, the discipline and also a schedule. Its not easy that’s why discipline is very important.

SportsNation: When was your first kiss?
Mudoola: I honestly can’t remember….well does a kiss on the forehead/from a loved one count? If so then when I was a child (laughs)

SportsNation: Does your mother’s influence in the sport have an impact on how you started playing?
Mudoola: It’s actually my brothers who influenced me to start. Then it’s us the kids who influenced her to pick up the interest. But also she loved supporting us and made sure we got everything we needed. In a way her support actually pushed us to keep playing the sport and being successful in Rugby.



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