FUFA Sets New Dates For Big League Kickoff, Nine Clubs Fined

Federation of Uganda Football Association (FUFA) has set new tentative dates for the start of the 2021/22 Big League.

The initial dates were set at October 21st but FUFA has pushed the kickoff to Friday, November 12 2021 “because of some clubs failing to comply with the club licensing procedures.”

Twelve (12) will take part in the Big League next season but only three – Maroons, Nyamityobora and Calvary FC – have fulfilled the criteria A requirements.

Nine clubs – Ndejje, Proline, Kyetume, Kataka, Luwero, Water, Blacks Power, MYDA, Kitara – are still missing mandatory requirements and have been fined Sh500,000 which will be deducted from their StarTimes sponsorship funds.

FUFA has given the clubs until Monday 25 October to have fully complied and have added that they will not extend the kickoff dates again but will only consider teams that have passed the licensing requirements.

More Missing Requirements

Ndejje University, Water, Blacks Power, MYDA, Kitara have no single player registered on the FUFA connect system.

Kyetume has only four, but a minimum has to be 15. In addition, the Slaughters have not appointed a CEO.

Kataka and Proline have only 10 and nine respectively.

Luwero have four and have no team doctor.

Water and MYDA have not submitted their CEO, Head coach and team doctor – The Former also have to pay Licensing fees and submit club statutes.

Blacks Power and Kitara, in addition to the above missing requirements, have not submitted club stadium tenancy agreement and pay license fees.

FUFA earlier said that next season will have 12 teams but played in a single group on home and away basis.

The bottom four (4) teams on the final table standings at the end of the season shall be relegated to their respective 3rd Division Leagues.

The Winner of the Regional Leagues in each of the 8 FUFA regions shall be promoted to the FUFA Big League 2022-2023 season.

The 2022/2023 FUFA Big League season will have 16 teams.



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