FUFA Approves 15 Clubs’ Requests To Change Names

The FUFA Executive Committee held their 25th meeting on 13th October 2021 at Sky Beach Hotel, Garuga.

Among the key decisions that were discussed in the meeting was approval of 15 club’s requests to change their respective names.

Among the clubs whose requests were approved are four from Buganda Region, Two from the Eastern Region, Four from Northern Region, Two from Western Region, one each from North East, Kampala and Kitara Regions.

The four clubs from the Buganda Region are; Kampala University FC changed to Lugazi FC in the 3rd Division, Kasenge United FC converted to Kyadondo Eagles FC in the 4th Division, 4th Division side Katale Soccer Club is now Mazima FC while another 4th team changed to Five Stars FC from Entebbe Leopards FC.

In the Northern Region, Regional League side (3rd Division) llee FC switched to Obasanjo FC, Okwerodot FC that plays in the 4th division is now called Lwala FC while another 4th Division side Peace Together FC changed to Northern Star Calvary FC, Vision Women FC that plays in the FUFA Women Elite League is now called Acholi Queens.

In the Eastern Region, 4th Division side Dream Killers FC changed to Blaq Fuego FC while 3rd Division outfit Kakira United FC is now known as Jinja North FC.

Sports Club Barca that plays in the 3rd division changed to Kaaro Karungi FC while another 3rd Division team Muyenga Stars United FC is now Mbarara Rangers FC are the two clubs from the Western Region whose requests were approved.

In the North East Region, 3rd Division side Oculura FC changed to Serere Soccer Club.

Super Heroes United FC is now Impala Hill FC from the Kampala Regional League (3rd Division).

In the Kitara Region Asinja FC that plays in the 3rd Division changed to Rwenzori Lions FC.

FUFA Rules On Club Name Change
1 – Change of club name shall be in accordance with FUFA regulations on club ownership.
2 – A Club competing in any one of the FUFA Competitions as defined in Art 2(9) shall not be permitted to change its playing name (i.e. the name under which the Club competes in a Competition), as recorded in Form F101 and Form F901, save with prior written permission of the FUFA Executive Committee.
3 – Any application for a change of playing name must be received by the FUFA CEO before 1st April in any calendar year in order for it to be considered for adoption in the following season. The FUFA Executive Committee will use its discretion in deciding whether to approve a change in a Club’s playing name.
4 – Notwithstanding the provisions of Art 11(2) above, no change of name shall be permitted in situations of an acquisition or takeover that compromises the sporting integrity of football competitions



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