Guinness 7s: Betway KOBs Clinch Mileke Circuit To Draw First Blood

Sunday, October 3
*Final: Betway KOBs 21-17 Pirates

Betway KOBs were crowned champions of the Mileke Circuit to start their Guinness 7s defense on a strong note.

KOBs beat Pirates 21-17 in Sunday’s entertaining final at Legends to send warning bells to rivals.

They beat Warriors, Rams and Jjengo to top Pool A on Saturday before eliminating Mongers (19-7) and Heathens (21-19) in quarter and semis respectively to storm the final.

Joseph Aredo was named MVP

Adrian Kasito exploded on the right to crush over and Joseph Aredo split the sticks as KOBs led 07-00.

Ivan Magomu fluffed his conversion after Isaac Massa had scored Pirates try but KOBs extended their lead to 14-05 after halftime thanks to Byron Oketayot’s try and Aredo’s conversion.

Desire Ayera outpaced KOBs backline for Pirates’ try and Timothy Kisiga converted, 14-12, to keep his side in the contest.

Al Hajji Manano restored KOBs advantage before Aredo scored the other points with his boot, 21-12.

Kelvin Balagadde made it 21-17 for Pirates but it proved little to late to stage a comeback.

“We just stuck to our game plan,” Aredo briefly said after the final. “Am happy that we won. It has not been an easy ride including the semis against Heathens where we had a slow start.”

It was not a commanding victory like a 24-05 scoreline of 2019 between the sides, but it will take some beating to stop this team that bosses with quality in depth and cohesion.

Pirates will feel hard done by losing Conrad Wanyama early to injury and Timothy Kisiga’s sin-bin midway through the game and will hope for better outings in future circuits.

Its a perfect start for KOBs who take 22 points for their victory while Pirates take 19 as Heathens who beat Buffaloes take 17.

Joseph Aredo (Betway KOBs) was named MVP and banked Sh250,000, Abel Alele (Jaguars) scored the most Tries while Karim Arinaitwe (Betway KOBs) was named upcoming player of the tournament.


*Betway KOBs 19-7 Mongers
*Heathens 32-5 Impis
*Buffaloes 10-7 Warriors
*Pirates 26-7 Hippos

*Betway KOBs 21-19 Heathens
*Pirates 17-00 Buffaloes

Third Place:
Heathens 17-14 Buffaloes

Betway KOBs 21-17 Pirates

Points Rankings:

  1. Betway KOBs – 22
  2. Pirates – 19
  3. Heathens – 17
  4. Buffaloes – 15
  5. Hippos – 13
  6. Impis – 12
  7. Mongers – 10
  8. Warriors – 10
  9. Rhinos – 8
  10. Sailors – 7
  11. Rams – 5
  12. Stallions – 5
  13. Pacers – 3
  14. Jaguars – 2
  15. Rams II – 1
  16. Jjengo – 1

Five Circuits still on the Card:
*Gulu 7s (Gulu Elephants/Gulu) – Oct 9
*Soroti 7s (Soroti Rangers/Soroti) – Oct 16
*Rujumba 7s (Black pirates/King’s Park) – Oct 30/31
*Kabale 7s (Rams/ Kabale) – Nov 6
*Coronation 7s (BSO/Legends) – Nov 13/14



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