Uganda Taekwondo: Interim Committee Handed Five-Month Extension

There has finally been a five-month extension to the period granted to the Uganda Taekwondo Federation (UTF) interim leadership committee by the member clubs.

This particular heightening will stretch upto March 3rd 2022 as the committee hopes to steer the sport to sanity and wish away the plethora of problems that have characterized them since the scramble and petition commenced.

It must be remembered that the Committee’s programmed six month stay at the helm of this top office had come to an end on September 3rd 2021.

More than ever, the federation sought a return to their projected organizational routes. They initiated this with an assembly at the UTF new offices based at Bukasa road in Namuwongo.

A total of only 24 of the 29 registered members were in attendance to approve the new constitutional amendments along with the various resolutions made regarding the future of this not-so-much publicized sport.

The four clubs absent for the workshop were; UPDF, Sharing, Mau Mau, Aswa and Kitgum while the National Council of Sports (NCS) were also fully represented.

According to Marvin Balyaruha, the president of the interim committee, the plan for this new five-month tenure will be a more assertive focus on developing the sport.

“Bringing normalcy back to taekwondo remains our main goal because the sport has been in disarray for years.” He stated.

In all honesty, the sport has for the past three years experienced unprecedented political wars and tantrums headlined by two gentlemen that have taken it upon themselves to declare monopoly over the presidency with each claiming to reserve the rights to the seat.

This forced an intervention from NCS who directed the delegates to appoint an interim committee that had to run the sport for six months before the general assembly where all major stakeholders in the sport were to elect a governing body.

Hakim Kato Ahimbisibwe and Simon Peter Komakech are the culprits that are charged with responsibility for the current chaos at UTF but word is that the two were convinced to step down by the extraordinary General Assembly.

That withstanding, the Ugandan taekwondo players have struggled to compete internationally because of the domestic dispute climaxed by the fact that no athlete from the Pearl of Africa appeared at the 2019 African Taekwondo Games tournament or even African Qualifiers for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics.



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