Aliguma Foundation Stretches Empowerment Project To Bunyoro Sub-Region

Work is moving swiftly at the Aliguma Foundation in terms of realizing the dream to have an empowerment centre in the Bunyoro sub-region whose creation will be geared towards not only soliciting for empowerment of the youths but also improving the livelihood of the entire community.

This belief that the project will come true sooner than later is informed by the recent developments, headlined by a groundbreaking ceremony initiated by the foundation in Masindi.

The eventful ceremony was graced by Masindi district local government engineer Joseph Atwooki and Confederation of African football (CAF) stadium inspector Ivan Kintu Bayige.

Former Uganda Sports Press Association (USPA) president, Sabiti Muwanga along with other village elders also graced the occasion with their presence.

“We have been able to do the groundbreaking ceremony and what’s left is hoping for the best.” Ritah Aliguma, CEO Aliguma Foundation made mention during the ceremony.

She would go ahead to deliver the official message from the foundation highlighting that developing an empowerment centre in one of the regions in Uganda has always been their dream and therefore couldn’t stop expressing gratitude that this was almost a reality.

“We have for the past used sports to address challenges in the communities and that’s why we have allocated over 6 acres of land for sports development in Masindi.” She continued.

Ritah had no hesitancy in extending a thank you message to UEFA Foundation for children who have funded the kickoff stages of this centre through the sports for Resilience and Empowerment project (SREP).

This particular project, the Aliguma Foundation Sports and empowerment centre, under the tagline of changing lives through sports will be located on a 15-acre plot of land in Kinuma village, Bigando Parish, Miirya Subcounty just 10 kilometres from Masindi town.

The sports facility will comprise two football fields, one main ground with a running track and covered stands, a side training football pitch with a tennis court, basketball, netball and volleyball pitches as well as a swimming pool.

This venture is a long-term project that is looking to use sport and trade skills to empower no less than 3000 children and 1000 caregivers to escape social and economic exclusion by 2023.



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