SC Villa Presidential Elections Hit More Unforeseen Twists

It was on Friday last week that the entire SC Villa fraternity were mesmerized and disgusted at the same time by a letter whose path to prominence was social media platforms especially Twitter in this definitive case.

The letter that wasn’t addressed to anyone in particular but ambiguously to the registered trustees of Villa Members Trust was orchestrated by the High Court of Kampala Civil division in respect to the Applicant, a one Nambalirwa Brenda Kawuma.

This provoked a shockwave of emotions around the club but most relevantly from the fans whose expectations that the record 16-time Uganda Premier League champions would finally snap the plethora of problems that have been synonymous with the Jogoo for the past 16 years or so had seemingly been shattered.

The knockout punch came on the designated polling day (August 28th) when the Villa Electoral Commission (VEC) chairman, Robert Kiggundu, agonizingly called off the elections citing a court order to have been responsible for the undesirable outcome.

Fast forward to Monday August 30th and the resolutions reached by both the Applicant Counsel, Ortus Advocates and the representatives of the Respondent (who are the Villa Trustees in this case) Tumusiime, Kabega and Co. Advocates were passed by court.

Part and parcel to these approvals was a mutual agreement by the Applicant to withdraw the Miscellaneous Application (Nos-600 of 2021, 601 of 2021) and the Miscellaneous Cause (No. 248 of 2021).

The Respondent shall also as a requirement reopen the process of registration of members and as well grant members an opportunity to verify the voter’s register and membership status of the registered voters.

The Respondent shall also recall members of the current Electoral Commission appointed by or on their behalf and appoint new ones but as well ensure sensitization of members on new voting procedures.

The High Court further resolved that each party will bear it’s own costs incurred during the hearing process and that no one party was supposed to coerce another for compensation.

In the event that the above is carried out to the latter, new elections will be staged under the guidance of an interim committee for the role of oversight.

The resolutions have however left more questions than answers because as it is already, the club is under an interim committee led by William Nkemba and it remains unclear whether the directive is meant to undermine his regime.

There is also a growing concern of uncertainty surrounding the presidential candidates, Dennis Mbidde Ssebugwawo and Medard Lubega Ssegona mainly about whether they will return to this quest in the event that the elections are reorganized.

Furthemore, it remains unclear what the motives were for the Applicant to go through the entire process of dismantling the electoral proceedings. Was she a whistleblower for one of the candidates?



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