Put Your House In Order Or Risk A Ban, FUFA’s Message To SC Villa

The record 16-time Uganda Premier League champions SC Villa are trading on dangerous grounds and run a risk of ultimately missing out on the forthcoming 2021/22 season coutesy of the plethora of problems that have ravaged them in the aftermath of the Presidential elections debacle.

This revelation was made by the FUFA Deputy CEO Decolas Kizza Hantali in a letter dated August 31st. The letter was addressed to the club CEO Shawn Mubiru with a clear message for him to orchestrate a plan for the club to put their house in order.

In all fairness. the Jogoos were en route to see this happen and were vying to usher in new management in terms of the top office, only to see these scheduled elections get suspended on the D-day following a court order.

The race would take more twists on Monday 30th, following yet another court issue of resolutions and restrictions to SC Villa prior to carrying out fresh elections or even harbouring the thought.

FUFA maintains that matters reaching court is a contravention to the club, FUFA, CAF and FIFA statutes.

The federation further mentions that the club is already behind schedule as reguards club licensing with a race against time to reschedule the elections.

The letter from FUFA to Villa, reads:

“This is therefore to bring it to the attention of the club, that it is already behind schedule for 2021/22 Season Club Licensing and unless the above matters are resolved by the 7th of September 2021, the matters will be referred to the FUFA Judicial Bodies which may lead to the ultimate decision of the club not being granted a license to participate in association football.”

Kizza further highlights that the registered Trustees of Villa Members Trust took it upon themselves to consent to the statutes yet they wield no such power to appoint the electoral committee for the election of the club executive board.

The statutes only empowers the club congress to appoint the club executive leadership and therefore these registered trustees have no powers at all whatsoever to appoint the interim committee to oversee the electoral process as directed by the court.

The communication indicates that these particular declarations that the club submitted to the federation a copy of the statutes are what binds SC Villa to FUFA, whose obligation rotates around ensuring that it’s members remain in compliance with their own statutes and regulations.

The Jogoos will ultimately have to put their house in order and endeavour to get in line with FUFA licensing committe so as the grace us with their presence in the upcoming StarTimes Uganda Premier League season.

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