Magogo Gives Insight on Aborted SC Villa Elections

The eagerly awaited SC Villa presidential elections were suspended on Saturday following a directive from the High Court of the Civil division in Kampala.

It’s reported that a one Nambalirwa Brenda petitioned court on Friday August 27th and hence the Villa Electoral Committe (VEC) halting the elections immediately.

The elections heraldard a new dawn at the sleeping giants base as club trustee members went to the polls under the new community ownership model.

Lawmaker Medard Sseggona and marketer Dennis Mbidde were the men on the ballot.

But the ensuing suspension of the elections has shrouded uncertainty to the club’s leadership.

And FUFA Boss Magogo, renown Villa fan opined that “going to court is just a tool in football not the end. It has never solved anything. It won’t solve anything now either. Whoever has gone to court and whoever has invited politics into the club should bear the responsibility of the good and the bad that will be occasioned to SC Villa hereafter.”

Moses Magogo registered as a Villa Congress member. Courtesy photo

The side has swayed a host of budding talents to their ranks in the ongoing transfer window.

Magogo also revealed how has been at the center of the club’s massive recruitment drive.

“Just in May 2021, this club had been abandoned without anyone attending to it. Players had gone tens of months without salaries and there was not even transport for the team after training. The players had gone on a sit-down strike for days when I was invited to the situation by the Club CEO. The Club was going to be relegated if the did not honour the last fixtures.

“As a fan, I took on the role to mobilise funds and ensure sporting continuity of the club. In the short term, I mobilized the players and found resources to keep the club alive until the off season where we are. The medium term was to create a team to manage the club and the long term was to ensure the club has the systems and structures to provide the required financial resources to undertake the club costs without depending on the individuals.

“I have found resources to retain and acquire some of the most youthful and exciting players on the market beating off fierce competition from well-facilitated club. I have spent my personal time and resources to bring the club to the point of sporting survival and empowering the registered fans to take decisions.

He stated that the elections had returned the Ray of enthusiasm and hope. The nostalgia and energy had been built.

The FUFA boss stated that he will however not subscribe to any governance system that takes away the power of the registered members to determine their destiny.



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