SC Villa Elections Ongoing Amidst Reports Of Court Suspension

In the wee hours of Saturday morning (polling day), the Villa Electoral Committee (VEC) chairman, Robert Kiggundu, shared a letter with the members of the committee highlighting a major concern regarding the electoral process.

In this letter, he indicated to have received a call the previous evening from one of the trustees, telling him about a court order they had been served, commanding an immediate stoppage to the elections.

Kiggundu further revealed that the trustee he preferred to hold in anonymity had promised to present to him a formally written petition geared towards stopping the said elections. He is yet to receive this letter.

This entire hullabaloo has been sparked by a written document claimed to be from the High Court in the Civil division of Kampala that has been doing rounds on social media since Friday August 27th.

The document that is neither addressed to the VEC chairman nor the Villa trustees exposes Nambalirwa Brenda Kawuma as the applicant but her particular reasons for petitioning these much anticipated elections don’t seem clear.

At the court hearing yesterday, Her Worship Natukunda Jeneva who also doubles as the Deputy Registrar alongside the applicant’s lawyer Sadam Solomon reached a resolution that has seemed not to bed well with the Villa fraternity.

An interim order was issued for the immediate abolition of the Respondent’s Board members elections until disposal of the main Application and that the cost of the said Application was to be in due cause.

Kiggundu however maintains that after a dialogue with the club Counsel, they have also resolved to push on with the polls until a written document from either the Court or trustees asking for the stoppage of the electoral process was issued.

He also further makes mention of the fact that one of his motivations to write to VEC was an anonymous call earlier this morning warning him about the ramifications that are likely to arise in the event that he defies the court order.

A host of fans and various journalists have gone ahead rubbish the document as fake and a political stunt from one of the presidential candidates at the realisation that their defeat in the elections was imminent.

The country waits for sports lawyers to advise on this issue but in the meantime, the Villa faithful are finding their way to Speke Hotel in Kampala to cast their vote following a closure to the online voting program.

The polling will end at 16:00 GMT and the anxiety amongst the fans in waiting for a communication of the results will kick in. Tallying is however likely to take some time since the online votes also have to be accounted for.

Ultimately, this will be a struggle for supremacy between a Villa diehard, Dennis Mbidde Ssebugwawo and a prominent city lawyer but also an enigma in regards to club politics, Hon. Medard Lubega Sseggona. The court offer might just prove ineffectual when it’s all said and done.



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